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We believe that now, in a time of crisis, teamwork is more important than ever. Law firm partners need to closely cooperate instead of internally compete, in a quest to find the best possible answers to the unique challenges companies (clients) are facing. Only if we combine all intelligence, knowledge, creativity and expertise available in the firm, we can find the innovative solutions needed. Swarm Intelligence outperforms any individual.


We believe that the value of a lawyer is not primarily in the knowledge of the law, but in the knowledge of best market practice (risk distribution), strategic insight, empathy, moral standard, creativity and personality. The value of a good lawyer is primarily in the human skills. To the client, these human qualities are far more valuable than the production of legal documents as a consequence thereof. There is no linear relationship between time spent and value.


We believe that, for the years to come, companies will only be prepared to spend money on legal services that directly help them protect their bottom-line. There will be tremendous price pressure on legal services that are considered being just part of the costs. Understanding your clients’ business model is more important now than ever.​


This book - A New Dawn - is a Quick Read Edition. The book will become a more elaborate, printed book (Regular Edition) in the months to come.

Right now you do not need a lengthy and theoretical book. You need to-the-point, easy to implement, practical advice. You also need it today and not in a year's time.

A New Dawn, has been made available for free until the end of May and is now available through Amazon only.

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