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  • Managing Partners, succession and transition

    Much like many of us, I have observed the disorderly and brawly fight over the past few weeks between Armin Laschet, the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria Premier Markus Söder. Both have been fiercely contending to succeed Angela Merkel. Frau Merkel's grand transition plan had already derailed before after her initial handpicked successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, unexpectedly called it quits early last year. Merkel, who has been chancellor for almost 15 years, announced in 2018 that she would not run again when her term expires in 2021. At that time, she stepped down as party leader and endorsed Kramp-Karrenbauer as her successor. But her attempt at securing an orderly transition of power -- as well as her own legacy -- appears to by now have failed in all respects. The way in which Angela Merkel’s tenure draws to an end holds several valuable lessons for law firms. Merkel, who has for a decade been Europe’s most influential and respected leader, turned ineffective and weak in her last term. On the international stage she failed in leading Europe to push back against President Trump and internally came under heavy criticism for how she handled the pandemic, leading to public apologies on 24 March. Her approval ratings have dropped to an historic low and her party might well lose the next elections. Angela Merkel should never have accepted her last term and now sees her legacy in tatters. (read my recent article on this topic here) The second lesson is about leadership succession where it seems that many leaders keep making the mistake of trying to appoint their own successor. Except perhaps for some dictatorial regimes in dark parts of the world, these attempts typically lead to failure. It seems to be a common characteristic of those who have been in power for too long that they want to reach beyond their ‘grave’. For Merkel this attempt turned into an unworthy public fight for her succession, further adding to the stains on what should have been a superstar legacy. 4-Step approach for law firms Also for law firms the transition from one managing partner to the next can be a disruptive and unsettling process that amplifies divisions that exists within the partnership. In this article we will highlight 4 steps guiding law firms towards a smooth transition of power. 1. What type of managing partner is needed at this point in time? Law firms keep constantly evolving and different moments in time bring different challenges and different demands for its leadership. This is no different from corporate leaders in the business world. The next CEO is hardly ever a carbon copy of the one before. Like leadership transitions in the corporate world, law firms should start early on by making a profile of the next leader. What are the qualities that are needed to lead the firm successfully through the next term? Surprisingly few law firms actually consciously think about the desired leadership profile at all. 2. Preparation and talent pool Despite the fact that the legal industry has grown into a multibillion business, the leadership has very much remained at a mum & dad store level. Outside the business of law it will be hard to find other business sectors making so much revenue, which are managed by untrained unprepared amateurs. Even compared to other forms of professional services that use the primus inter paris management model, few are from the start as ill equipped as lawyers are. Almost all the qualities that make a great lawyer (i.a. meticulous attention to details and an aversion to risk spring to mind) become a huge hinderance when it comes to managing the firm. Given the interest at stake it would make sense to structurally offer business- and leadership training to the partners in order not only to help them prepare for a potential future leadership role, but also use the insights gained to manage and grow their own practice in the meantime. 3. The selection and nomination process Regardless the preparation as described above, you don’t want the process of electing the next managing partner to be as unsavory as the recent events in Germany. As illustrated by these recent events, you don’t want to have the departing managing partner steering his/her own succession. The responsibility for selection and nomination process is best left to the board or an ad-hoc committee appointed by the partnership. You might also want to avoid campaigning by opposing candidates as this will invariably highlight differences and fractures in the partnership and may in the end turn the looser and his/her supporters bitter. The most successful processes are well prepared with many bilateral consultations behind the scenes and in the end only one candidate that is guaranteed to have a broad majority support. 4. A well-managed transition As long as law firms are managed by ill prepared lawyers, it will take at least six months for the new managing partner to settle in. New managing partners typically have no clue, are starting from scratch, making the same mistakes and reinventing the wheel just like the managing partners before them have done. We see this happening time after time and so much momentum, time and energy are lost. Basically those first six months are just status-quo and/or destruction. Destruction being for instance replacing the heads-of-staff only to find over time that the new ones are not really different from the ones before. The solution to this is not as one might think a longer transition period during which the old and the new managing partner work side by side. This period should preferably be as short as possible, just long enough to transfer the files and effectuate the authorizations. The most structural solution would be to put in place step-2 and create a large pool of potential leaders that have been professionally educated and trained in all aspects (financial, strategic, organizational, communicative and more) of management. For the time being the best advise would be to assign a professional management coach to help the new managing partner to avoid pitfalls and to be up and running, productive and effective in the shortest amount of time. It will come as no surprise that this is a service we offer.

  • The risk of a two speed firm

    Right now we are over one year into the pandemic. For most lawyers, working from home has become the new normal. The office remains just a distant memory. While today for all of us, the ‘home office’ is a well-established routine, certain drawbacks remain. In those areas where daycare or primary schools remain closed, young parents continue to find themselves juggling family and work. Others might have to share limited home resources, such as a quiet working space and internet connection, with other members of the household. "burnout cases are steeply on the rise" The pandemic has ushered in an era in which lawyers, for one reason or the other, are working erratic hours as lines between home and work have blurred. With nowhere to go, no commute, no business lunches and no watercooler-break moments, lawyers find themselves sitting behind their screens for hours at end pretty much every day. This might be great for productivity, but it turns out it is perhaps not so great for the mental wellbeing of lawyers. Reported burnout cases are steeply on the rise. On 2 April LinkedIn, a social network company, announced that it would give all its 15.900 full-time employees a paid week off starting April 5. This immediate measure was taken to fight the high levels of burnout. One week earlier, Citigroup (a bank) CEO Jane Fraser banned employees from internal video calls on Fridays in an effort to improve staff well-being. The final day of the working week is now named " Zoom Free Fridays," Fraser said in a memo to staff. She also declared May 28 a company-wide holiday, called "Citi Reset Day." The bank is also encouraging its 210.000-person workforce to avoid scheduling meetings outside of normal working hours. These are just two random recent examples of businesses addressing the mental well being issues connected to prolonged structural working from home. Give me a break I don’t think that I am aware of any high-end law firm giving it’s fee-earners such a break. So far law firms have mainly responded by raising associate bonusses and not by capping workhours. Partners, counsel and associates alike are finding themselves working longer—or in some cases, weirder—hours as geography evaporates in a remote era but time zones don’t. This is something I find myself experiencing first hand. Days starting early with calling China and ending late with Latin America or the West Coast are not exceptional. The ability to work literally all over the world from behind my desk has great advantages, but also takes its toll. No more moments of disconnecting during long haul flights. This is no different for lawyers, who are expected to be always available and responsive. Many clients, also working from home, are not sticking to ‘normal’ business hours and are expecting instant response from their lawyer at any time of day. Complicating the issue is the fact that transactions are seeing a massive boom as corporations and funds unlock liquidity they’ve stored up since the early days of the pandemic. Looking at our clients seeing productivity levels today of 150% or more across M&A is not uncommon. While transactions have a demanding rhythm even at the best of times, the 24/7 working individually from home situation amplifies the stress and the perceived workload. Doing an ‘all-nighter’ happens so much easier than before now you don’t physically have to go home from the office. Not so long ago China’s 996 working schedule was frowned upon, now many of us would jump at the opportunity. Two speed firm Closer examinations show that workload levels are not evenly distributed across all practice areas. Where transaction practices typically are extremely busy right now, some other practices are closer to normal workload levels. While temporary uneven workloads within one firm also exist in normal times, WFH is now amplifying the situation. The notice that some lawyers are at 150% or more and doing all-nighters, while others structurally have a more normal work-life balance, is creating tensions within law firms. These tensions are amplified because almost everyone is on edge and easy irritable as a consequence of the stress created through the pandemic. Effectively there is a two speed firm. This will not be attainable if it lasts. If not addressed in a proper manner, law firms might risk permanent damage. How to mitigate the risks Looking at the market, we are already seeing an increased mobility of lawyers, both partners and associates. These are the early signs of damage inflicted by the two speed workload. This lateral movement is the consequence of on the one hand law firms that are franticly trying to hire more transaction capability to handle the work, and on the other hand dissatisfied partners and associates that feel ‘angry’ that in their present firm the workload is not evenly distributed. Simultaneously we see a double digit outflow of associates pursuing job opportunities that offer a better work-life balance. "we currently see a double digit increase in associate outflow" In part the present asymmetric workload distribution is a direct consequence of over-specialization and the way in which practice groups and teams are structured. From a rational point of view, it makes little sense that associates and even trainees ‘belong’ to one partner and one practice group. Certainly lawyers with less than 3 year of experience should structurally be trained in more than one practice area, enabling them to jump in where their contribution is needed most. Today this is hardly possible, which might turn out to be a costly mistake. To change this we must change the way in which associates are recruited. This should preferably be done on a firm level and not on the level of an individual partner or practice. Secondly we should avoid over-specialization and give young lawyers a much broader training and education. Doing this will not only improve utilization, but will also foster better cross-collaboration between teams and practices. "technology could help improve efficiency and ease the workload" The afore mentioned serious risk of burnout is more difficult to address. The world of high-end lawyers can be extremely demanding. There can be no question that deadlines must be met and the work must be top-notch. Where basically the clients’ demands are what they are, I know from experience that the stress induced by a high workload is largely the consequence of poor project management, poor collaboration and poor communication. Fortunately these are factors that can relatively easy be addressed. Employment of fairly basic technology could significantly help further reduce workload and increase efficiency. Furthermore a mandatory ‘lunchbreak’ of two hours works quite well, specially if this is implemented as common practice throughout the firm. This creates some downtime without interrupting business in any meaningful way. Encourage people to take a walk during this break, it helps!

  • Knowing when it is time to step down

    As some of you may know, my wife and I are avid art collectors. Recently we were able to acquire a work by Graham Sutherland (UK, 1903-1980). Such was Sutherland's standing in post-war Britain that in 1954 he was commissioned to paint a full-length portrait of then Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. That painting (pictured above) was intended to hang in the Houses of Parliament after Churchill's death. The presentation ceremony at Westminster Hall was recorded by the BBC. Churchill profoundly disliked the painting which he deemed too realistic and unflattering and he almost refused to attend the presentation ceremony. Legend has it that he took the painting home and burned it. These events have even been depicted in the 2016 Netflix series The Crown, the ninth episode of the first season, entitled ‘Assassins’. Winston Churchill is the stuff that legends are made off. There is probably not a single person who doesn’t immediately recognize his picture and doesn’t know about his achievements during the Second World War. After having been the Leader of the Opposition between 1945 and 1951, he became Prime Minister once again in 1951. He was already nearly 77 when he took office and was not in good health following several minor strokes. On the evening of 23 June 1953, Churchill suffered a serious stroke and became partially paralyzed down one side. At the time Sutherland painted the portrait, Churchill was nothing but a shadow of his former self. The only person failing to recognize this was Churchill himself. Sutherland’s portrait is actually both accurate and merciful. Founding Partners These well documented historical events contain some striking similarities to the struggles that some law firm founding partners have to go through. Much like Churchill during the wartime, founding partners have often shown exceptional leadership that brought their firm ‘from rags to riches’. Like Winston Churchill, founding partners are recognized and admired for their great achievements. But also like Churchill, many founding partners find it difficult to recognize when is the time to step back. Unfortunately, like Winston Churchill, many founding partners carry on, when they are actually overdue. From experience I know too many founding partners who in the end leave their firm with a feeling of frustration, leaving behind a stained legacy of troublesome final years. Departure Planning and Departure Management are two disciplines that are all too often completely overlooked. Do it right and you will be remembered as an admired visionary, do it wrong and you will be remembered as a ‘pain in the but’ that became a barrier to the firm's further growth and development. Strong leaders, weak partners It is extremely hard for a tree to grow in the shadow of a big tree. It is extremely hard for a partner to grow in the shadow of a great founding partner. Too often, strong leaders create weak offspring. Many founding partners initially had to go through hell and high water to get their firm off the ground. Often they had to overcome difficulties and take personal risks to get the firm where it is today. Successfully navigating hard times and building a successful law firm often commanded a ‘blind obedience’ and a ‘no discussion’ culture. Sadly, I have seen from close by, several examples where it happened like this and where the founding partner unintendedly maneuvered himself into the position of ‘supreme leader’, with no-one to fill his shoes. Once the founding partner was no longer there, remained a void that could not adequately be filled, leaving the firm adrift. The eternal managing partner Monday 5 April 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a legislation clearing the way for him to remain in power until 2036, when he will be 83 years old. To date Putin has already been running the country for more than two decades. Apparently he is not planning on handing over the reigns any time soon. You don’t want to become the Vladimir Putting of your firm. November 2019, I published an article ‘There are 4 types of managing partners, where is yours?’ You can find the article here. One of the four archetypes in that article I dubbed ‘The Eternal’. As where typically Managing Partners, serve a maximum of two 3-4 year terms, the eternal managing partner intends to be the managing partner for the rest of his/her career. The eternal managing partner will never return to (full) practice. Typically the eternal managing partner has little or no practice left and technically cannot even return to being an ordinary rank and file partner. There are situations where experience can actually become a hindrance. Experience will often stand in the way of innovation and transformation. The eternal managing partner over time often develops into a conservative caretaker. It also is that same experience that creates a high threshold for potential successors. How to not end like Winston Churchill No law firm leader starts his tenure with the desire to unglamorously end it like Winston Churchill. Whether you are a founding partner, a managing partner or even a practice group leader, it is a mistake to surround yourself with ‘yes men’ and loyal followers. No law firm leader should aspire to lead for more than two terms of 3-4 years each. Founding partners no exception. Having a limited time window might actually spur to action, rather than being a caretaker. Any effective managing partner should aspire to leave the firm better than it was before. A ticking clock is typically a good reminder and incentive. Any great law firm leader should have a vision and be decisive, but at the same time avoid becoming that tree that will let no young sprouts flourish and independently grow strong in its shade. Don’t try to extend your term by grooming your crown prince to be your successor (as Putin did with Medvedev). Allow for a pool of talent to grow instead and leave it to the partnership to decide on who should be at the helm after you have left the bridge. TGO Consulting offers assistance and advise on Law Firm Leadership Development & Transition.

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  • press coverage | tgo consulting

    law firm leaders master class March 2021 Jaap Bosman held a Master Class for law firm leaders at the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in Shanghai China. column de jurist March 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for , a legal market publication from , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The March de Jurist Het Financieele Dagblad column looks at how more rules on ethics will fail to give result (in Dutch). law firm leaders master class February 2021 Jaap Bosman will in March 2021 hold a Master Class for law firm leaders at the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in China, joined by Scott Westfahl, Harvard, and Peter Zeughauser, Zeughauser Group. interview Jaap Bosman February 2021 Leading up to the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in China, March 2021, Jaap Bosman has been on law firm management by legal publishing platform Zihe. interviewed column de Jurist January 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist, a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The January looks at five things we must improve in 2021 (in Dutch). column article Modern Lawyer January 2021 Jaap Bosman contributed to Modern Lawyer with an article on swarm intelligence. Modern Lawyer is a publication of Globe Law and Business and edited by Dr Catherine McGregor. column de Jurist November 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist, a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The November column looks at the financials of law firms in 2021 (in Dutch). legal awards October 2020 Legal publisher SDU annually hands our awards for achievements in the Dutch legal sector. Jaap Bosman is a member of the jury and had the honour to hand the to NautaDutilh (in Dutch). Resilience Award law360 October 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into partner pay guarantees: Jaap Bosman is asked to comment. Read more . Is BigLaw Regretting Its Proclivity For Pay Guarantees? here legal executive institute September 2020 Together with , Jaap Bosman writes for the Legal Executive Institute (Thomson Reuters) an Nancey Watson article on understanding the business is crucial for Legal. Read the article here dutch financial press - de jurist September 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for Dutch legal publication (Het Finanieele Dagblad). This article examines the pitfalls of working from home. de Jurist Read the article (in Dutch). here law360 September 2020 Jaap Bosman comments on partner compensation systems in a Law360 article (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe - . Read the article Will Pure Lockstep Partner Pay Survive the Decade here aba webinar June 2020 Jaap Bosman contributed to the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting organized by the International Law Section of the ABA. More information on the Annual Meeting can be found here iba webinar May 2020 Jaap Bosman presented the kick-off webinar in the first ever Virtual Entrepreneurship Conference organized by IBA, with over 400 lawyers actively attending. A recording can be found More information here here law360 April 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into Corona crisis measures of law firms. The article refers to our blog and some of our analysis is quoted in the article. Find the article here zhihe - intelligeast March 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published an article written by Jaap Bosman: link to the article (in Chinese here ) gazette du palais March 2020 Gazette du Palais, a leading legal market publication in France, published an interview with Jaap Bosman on Legal Technology and the Creation-Production Divide Concept. Read it (pdf) or (in French here here ) acc docket March 2020 Jaap Bosman co-authored the Feature Article of the ACC Docket Magazine March 2020 issue, introducing a 3-step method for prioritizing legal matters in-house. You can read the article here podcast Finland February 2020 Jaap Bosman joined Casper Herler in a on the future of the legal profession. They explore trends for the legal industry in the new decade. What is cognitive diversity? When is specialism bad? And many more. podcast bloomberg law + bloomberg tax February 2020 Jaap Bosman’s widely discussed article for Bloomberg: ' Fundamental Changes Coming to the Legal Industry This Decade', published by Bloomberg Law and by Bloomberg Tax. zhihe - Shanghai January 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published a of Jaap Bosman's original article translated version " " 5 Trends that will define the New Decade for Law Firms acc legal operations - virtual roundtable January 2020 Jaap Bosman & Vincent Cordo were invited by the ACC to a on their book focusing on concrete tools to get more value out external lawyers. webinar/ virtual roundtable , Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined law360 October 2019 An in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the latest expansion of Dentons in the US, and quotes Jaap Bosman. Law360 is a LexisNexis company known for covering events in the legal market within 48 hours. article acc australian corporate lawyer magazine October 2019 The Australian Corporate Lawyer magazine, by ACC Australia, featured an from the book in their spring issue 2019. excerpt Data & Dialogue - a relationship redefined innovation forum Shanghai August 2019 Zhihe the largest legal community platform in China, and TGO Consulting lectured during the three day Law Firm Innovation Forum in Shanghai, joined by legal tech entrepreneurs and managing partners of law firms from all parts of China. , law360 July 2019 An in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the decision by Kirkland & Ellis to set up a plaintiffs' side trial group. Jaap Bosman is quoted, providing the context of litigation finance and its potential significant returns. article acc breakfast meeting June 2019 At an ACC Europe breakfast meeting, hosted by EMEA headquarters of Uber, Jaap Bosman and Vincent Cordo gave a briefing on data analysis in legal services from their book , Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined article aba Journal May 2019 published our column Jaap Bosman, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. The 6 most important qualities for an equity partner. bloomberg law April 2019 Jaap Bosman is a contributor to Bloomberg Law. In this he writes about data analysis in the legal service sector and the insights provided by his new book Data & Dialogue, co-authored by Insight article . Vincent Cordo article aba journal April 2019 published an article by Jaap Bosman, a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. , The Legal Industry Will Need a New Breed of Lawyers trends tendances April 2019 The Belgian business magazine Trends Tendances featured an interview with Jaap Bosman regarding the newly published book co-authored by Vincent Cordo. , Data & Dialogue ( ) Article in French article aba journal Januay 2019 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. published his article Monetizing your investment in legal tech law360 Januay 2019 by Aebra Coe, Law360, examines the decline in the total number of jobs in the legal sector in Q4, 2018, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. Legal Sector Jobs Slump keynote legal forum shanghai December 2018 Jaap Bosman delivered the closing keynote at the 智合论坛 / Intelligeast Forum 2018, Shanghai, the biggest seminar on the future of the legal profession in China to date. Other speakers include Richard Susskind and Ashish Nanda. article aba journal October 2018 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal. published his article : Are lawyers being trapped in their practice niches? inblf global annual meeting October 2018 The International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF”), a global organization of highly regarded boutique law firms, held their annual global meeting in Rome, where Jaap Bosman gave a keynote. harvard meeting October 2018 TGO Consulting met with directors of Harvard post-graduate law programmes to exchange views and experience. aija congress August 2018 Jaap Bosman held a keynote at the AIJA congress in Brussels on the topic of being an international lawyer. AIJA is a global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45. tgo client event August 2018 TGO Consulting held its client event in Bayreuth (Germany). We attended the performance of . Richard Wagner's Walküre aba journal June 2018 published our article It's not the associate salaries, it's the human skills that challenge law firms legal network emea meeting June 2018 Jaap Bosman contributed to the EMEA gathering of Multilaw in Malta, with a keynote on the changing relationship between clients and law firms brought on by, amongst other, data analysis. law firm leadership roundtable May 2018 Jointly with ABN AMRO Bank and ZumpolleVanderStoel legal headhunters, TGO Consulting hosted a roundtable with Managing Partners and GCs on the challenges of putting non-lawyers in client facing roles in law firms. aba journal April 2018 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal of the American Bar Association. published his article . Start monetizing those unused (discountable) billable hours lexisnexis France March 2018 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a French lawyer magazine published by LexisNexis in partnership with the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an on Prediction & Prevention in legal disputes. article shanghai law association January 2018 The China Law Publishing House published of the first Shanghai Law Association Law School lecture, held by Jaap Bosman. Kang Jianjun, vice President of Shanghai Law Association, presided at the opening lecture ceremony. a summary all China lawyers association December 2017 Jaap Bosman and Lisa Hakanson from TGO Consulting visited the All China Lawyers Association in Beijing, China. Shenzen bar association December 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a great law firm’ at the Shenzen Bar Association, in Shenzen, China. law firm marketing summit London November 2017 Jaap Bosman held a keynote on positioning and brand building at the 2nd annual Law Firm Marketing Summit London, organised by The Global Legal Post and Global City Media. business radio November 2017 Jaap Bosman was interviewed on the Dutch business radio on the topic of law firm profitability in the legal market. The hour-long broadcast can be accessed as a (in Dutch). pod-cast Polish bar association October 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a profitable law firm in a digital age’ at the Polish Bar Association (KIRP), in Warsaw, Polen. global legal post October 2017 The Global Legal Post published comments by Jaap Bosman on the effects of commoditisation in the legal market and the factors changing the way corporate clients value and purchase legal services. law press China October 2017 Law Press China, dedicates their October newsletter to female partners of Chinese law firms. The newsletter concludes with a book review and recommendation of the book Death of a Law Firm. acc docket October 2017 The ACC Docket is the journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), publishes an by Jaap Bosman on what it might look like for the in-house counsel of the future. article ccbe e-book October 2017 The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) has published an eBook containing a collection of essays written by the expert speakers from their annual conference. Jaap Bosman contributed on the future of law and access to justice. an article international association of prosecutors September 2017 The (IAP) is the worldwide organization of prosecutors. Jaap Bosman was a speaker at the , held in Beijing, China, addressing all Prosecutors General in a closed session. International Association of Prosecutors 22nd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP shanghai bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Shanghai Bar Association, a lawyer's association with near 20.000 members in China, to hold a to its members on the topic of business of law. lecture tianjin bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Tianjin Bar Association, Peoples Republic of China, to hold a lecture to its members on the topic of business of law. tianjin lawyer magazine September 2017 Tianjin Lawyer, the magazine for all members of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, published a review of Death of a Law Firm in their September issue. law360 August 2017 Law Firms Can Harmonize Client Service, by Aebra Coe, Law360, charts what clients are looking for in terms of service experience, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. Law360 is a LexisNexis news company. 5 Ways law360 June 2017 Law360 is a LexisNexis company and news source for legal professionals, business leaders, and government officials. Jaap Bosman is quoted in an article by Sam Reisman regarding the malware attack on DLA Piper. global legal post June 2017 The Global Legal Post published an article on commoditization of legal services based on an article written by Jaap for the aba journal June 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article , part of their Legal Rebels. Do you suffer from commoditization blindness? death of a law firm June 2017 The publishing arm of the American Bar Association, ABA Book Publishing, published our book , now for sale via their online store. Death of a Law Firm german bar association May 2017 At the conference of the German Bar Association, Jaap Bosman joined a panel including Mark A. Cohen (Legal Mosaic), John Fernandez (Nextlaw Labs/Dentons), Jane Townsend (Allen & Overy), debating innovation in law. iba global entrepreneurship conference May 2017 Jaap Bosman contributed to the in Paris. IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference, aba journal March 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article , as part of their Legal Rebels series. What lawyers can learn from a dollar-store model harbour view March 2017 The of Harbour View, a publication by Harbour Litigation Funding, celebrates their 10th anniversary. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. Spring 2017 edition revue pratique March 2017 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a magazine for lawyers by LexisNexis and the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. (In ) English affiches parisiennes March 2017 Affiches Parisiennes, the Parisian biweekly legal journal, devoted the cover article of their 7 March issue to the JINOV conference in Paris, including the keynote speech by Jaap Bosman. op. recht. mechelen. February 2017 Jaap Bosman will contributed as a key note speaker in a conference on Management of Justice, concluded by the Belgian Minister of Justice and organized by the city of Mechelen, Belgium. programme jinov paris February 2017 JINOV, Les Journées de l’innovation du Droit et du Chiffre, presented its second edition of the days of innovation in law and numbers in Paris. Jaap Bosman contributed as a keynote speaker at this . event survey January 2017 TGO Consulting and Advocatie (Sdu) together conducted a survey amongst lawyers regarding their preferences on savings and investments. For a summary of the results in English, click . here la lettre des juristes d'affaires December 2016 One of the leading publication for the legal market in France, La Lettre des Juristes d'Affaires (LJA), published an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility report. legal tribune online December 2016 Legal Tribune Online, a law magazine published by Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, wrote an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility . report european conference on legal access November 2016 The Association for Development of Legal Informatization, Juriconnexion and Le Droit Ouvert, together organised the (JEIJ), where Jaap Bosman contributed. 4th European conference on legal access

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    what we do TGO Consulting are award winning business consultants focusing on the legal sector. We have a strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our approach is fact based and result driven. We help our clients to maintain or improve their profitability. We work on the basis of a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will highlight low hanging fruit and provide a benchmark against the market. Having decades of experience in the legal industry, we know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the process this will help overcome resistance and create buy-in. "everything must change for things to remain the same" - Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - Perhaps your rainmaker is not a rainmaker We need Cognitive Diversity more than Diversity itself. Lawyers can become paralyzed by choice articles of interest about us If it comes to serving a global client base and experience in working in different jurisdictions across the world, TGO Consulting is second to none. While understanding your home market and culture, we bring a wealth of experience in best market practice around the world. We know the legal industry inside out, past, present and future. We know your competitors and we know your clients. we strongly focus on enhancing our clients’ profitability the power of truly offering global best practice our new book Right now the world is facing unprecedented challenges. The business of law no exception. A New Dawn helps lawyers navigate the crisis. Practical and easy to read, just what you need today. a new concept There is no linear relation between time and value. We created the Creation-Production-Divide Concept©, a revolutionary new way to explain where the value is. This concept will fundamentally change the business of law. we strongly believe being a lawyer is about human skills a human-centric approach Being lawyers ourselves and having gained almost two decades of experience in private practice and in-house, we understand the dynamics of the partner group like few others. Although we always focus on our clients’ financial performance, we are strongly aware that the business of law is a human business before anything else. Understanding peoples’ drivers and behaviours is key to achieving lasting results. power curve Succession remains a sensitive and complex topic. The TGO power curve© analysis immediately shows succession and leadership vulnerabilities in the firm. This is just one of our data-based models in use. in the press 1/1 Interview on legal technology in La Gazette du Palais Article on the future of the legal profession 未来十年,律师事务所的五大趋势 Feature article in ACC Docket on how to prioritize for inhouse lawyers

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    jaap bosman Jaap Bosman is an award-winning strategy consultant and an investor. After having spent 15 years in legal practice, he founded TGO Consulting a highly successful consulting boutique that works with the elite law firms and premier legal departments throughout the world. His achievements have been recognized in 2013 by the Financial Times with the first ever Innovative Lawyers Award for International Strategy. Jaap Bosman graduated from Law School with honours. Jaap also holds a degree from one of the world’s most prestigious design schools. This unique combination of legal knowledge and experience and applied creativity gives him the ability to come up with truly innovative solutions. He was the first non-US person to receive the Thomson Reuters and Hubbard One Excellence in Legal Marketing Award. His weekly ‘Your Friday Insight’ articles have built up a loyal global readership over the years. Jaap regularly contributes articles to Bloomberg, the ABA Journal, the ACC Docket and various other leading publications around the world. Jaap is a seasoned consultant and widely considered one of the worlds’ smartest thought leaders on the business of law. Read More speaking engagements Jaap Bosman is an experienced speaker at conferences and regularly facilitates discussions and workshops during partner retreats. His speaking topics include the economics of legal services, global strategy and business planning, pricing, the dynamics of a partner group and the impact of digital technology on the legal sector. Check availability

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