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  • Change is harder than you’d think

    How did 2022 start for you? Perhaps you made some new year’s resolutions like many of us. Quit smoking, spend more time with your family, more exercise, just to name a few popular goals. Right now we have not even reached the end of January, and yet the majority of well-intended resolutions have already derailed. That is a bit disheartening, don’t you agree? Why is it so hard to change for the better? The answer to that is in the power of routine. Humans are the most sophisticated and complex living organisms. Our brains require comparatively a huge amount of energy. Developing routines is evolutionary a clever way to save energy. If I repeat something, I do not have to invent it from scratch and will use less brainpower as a consequence. That explains that changing a routine is an active effort that requires energy. And it will keep requiring a conscious effort right up to the moment that a new routine has been established. One could certainly argue that quitting smoking is a matter of stopping a physical addiction and that is precisely the complex chemical processes behind it that make it so hard. Whilst this is true, the more social aspect is commonly much harder to change. Even with adequate nicotine replacement most people give up and fall back in their old habit. Breaking with the routine is much harder than getting off the drug. Establishing new routines, which become the to-go-to standard mode is the hard part of changing any behavior. What about willpower? The will to change certainly helps, but in general it is not enough. Trust me, many people who are overweight feel bad about their body and genuinely want to get in better shape. It is not the lack of willpower that leads them to fail. Many will go through one diet after the next. Willpower is like a muscle. After using it for a prolonged period of time it will tire out and needs to be relaxed. That is the moment when they fall back and indulge on binge eating. At that point in time, they feel all is lost anyway, so why even try. They failed. Why is all this relevant for me in my capacity as a lawyer, you might ask? As you may recall, my previous two articles focused on talent and the need for structural investment in talent development. Developing talent implies permanent training and learning new skills. This is where understanding of the mechanisms behind change become important. Lawyers can only grow and develop if they change the way they work and behave over time. No change, no development. No development equals regression, compared to others. Most change projects miserably fail Anyone who is a partner in a law firm works under immense pressure. There are demanding clients and complex matters and transactions that require undivided attention. On top of that are the requirements put by the firm. Partners have to bring in a certain amount of revenue each year, they have to educate and train young lawyers and participate in internal meetings. Meeting such heavy demands requires so much energy that it can only be done with some well-developed routines in place that have further been optimized over time. See the problem? Partners rely heavily on routines to survive and still we want them to change. No amount of willpower is going to pull that off. When push comes to shove, survival instinct will kick-in and the partner will fall back to the usual routine. Easy does it I have no intention of being pessimistic. On the contrary, in order to accomplish change we need to be realistic. Most programs that involve change are far too ambitious. That is why they ultimately fail. There are only three ways form people to permanently change: 1. At gunpoint or after trauma 2. In very small but consistent steps 3. Change of stage The third one, change of stage, perhaps requires a bit of clarification. The short version is this: we all adopt certain roles in certain situations. Like actors in a play, we play a certain version of ourselves. We will be a different person in the office than at home among family. We might behave be slightly different visiting our parents. The bully at the office might be totally sociable when socializing with friends. It is much harder than you’d think to change one’s role in a certain setting. We are primed to act in a way our surrounding has learned to expect. That is why moving to another setting can open an opportunity for change. For the purpose of changing and developing the partners in the firm this is not a good tool as they will remain actors on the same stage. Change through trauma or at gunpoint also typically is not a feasible method. In rare situations it might help. “Unless you get your act together fast, we will kick you out” No need to state that if change does not occur, you need to act, otherwise no-one will ever believe your threats anymore. Realistically small manageable steps are the only way for change to succeed. That is why we are not in favor of grand, all-encompassing ambitious programs. Whilst they look great on paper and make for super exciting kick-off meetings, the will invariably fail in execution. The only realistic way for lawyers to change is in a long succession of small intricate steps. Replacing one routine with another and then the next, and so on. If everything else fails. If everything else fails, you can always turn to Xiao Zhu. Xiao (pictured above) is a Chinese entrepreneur who is a professional anti-procrastinator. It is his job to call, text and pester you, to make sure things are done. It seems best to consider this a method of last resort.

  • Talent is the new battleground for law firms

    Research points towards talent being the key ingredient distinguishing the elite law firms from the mid-tier. Analyzing common characteristics of partners ranked tier-1 or tier-2 by Chambers or Legal500 shows that it is not legal knowledge but soft skills and talent that make the difference. Rainmakers typically did not build their practice on outstanding knowledge of the law, but on their other less tangible talents. Given the importance of non-legal skills, it is quite surprising that law firms do not really invest in developing such skills. As any law firm will have a well-organized and structural program for legal education and training, only few have a comparable program in place for the non-legal development of their lawyers. Law firms are underutilizing their revenue and profit potential as a consequence. Talent is not only for recruitment Perhaps recruitment is the only place where law firms are actually focused on soft-skills. Today it is not only the grades that count, but recruiters are specifically looking for extracurricular activities that demonstrate an interest beyond the law. Unfortunately once onboarded law firms seem not to be interested anymore. The emphasis during one’s career path in a law firm is heavily on ‘making flying hours’. The idea behind this is that one will automatically one day make a great partner if one works hard and has a lot of experience. Until the day a lawyer is made partner, any development of the important non-legal skills is marginal. Once partner, in most law firms all investment in personal development stops. Partners are supposed to be a ‘finished product’. No external input needed. What a missed opportunity! Success is based on investment in people The difference between an OK law firm and a highly successful law firm is in the talent. That is a fact. Few investments yield such high returns as smart investment in personal development of lawyers. Regardless if it’s novices or senior partners, every individual lawyer will benefit from developing and honing their non-legal skills. What is holding firms back is often the fear that these programs go haywire, cost a lot of money, fail to produce results and turn out to be a waste of time. That is why we have developed the 360Talent Tool to help you out. 360Talent Tool Based on over a decade of experience working with elite law firms we have defined the 7 Core Dimensions© on which highly successful partners score above average. Partly this is down to talent, but largely these dimensions can be developed and improved over time. To minimize the risk of wasting time and to help law firms improve their partners’ skills over time we have developed our comprehensive easy-to-use 360Talent Tool ©. The tool helps identifying development opportunities and offers the ability to track development progress over time. The tool is easy to use and takes very little valuable partner time. The 360 produces reliable, objective and actionable results. The 360, how does it work? Basically the 360 is a simple anonymous online evaluation. All partners are invited to rate each other on each of the 7 dimensions. Rating is easy: 5 stars means excellent and no priority for improvement. 1 star signals priority for improvement. 2/3/4 stars are somewhere in-between. Experience shows that it takes on average 3 minutes to evaluate one partner. This has a significant positive effect on the participation rate. On average more than 90% of all partners fills out the questionnaires. It is obvious that there are subjective elements at play when rating other partners. There will be differences in interpretation of what each of the dimensions mean, and some partners will not know some of their fellow partners well enough. The guiding principle is that evaluation should be based on ‘intelligent intuition’. Post examination of result has showed that this methodology works really well and indeed produces reliable results. The procedure is fully managed by us. All you have to do is provide the list with email addresses and make sure our survey is not blocked by your firm’s firewall. We send out the surveys and the reminders. We do the analysis and provide the results in an actionable and comprehensive manner. No need to say that the survey is 100% anonymous. It is not possible for anyone, including us, to see who did what evaluation. Inspiring, Actionable and Measurable One of the key advantages of the 360Talent Tool is that it provides totally objective insights to each partner and as such a powerful tool for future development. Because of the methodology the results are completely free of any bias. Feedback does not depend on individual relationships or anecdotal evidence. We have found that this significantly increases the acceptance. On an individual level the scores provide an unparalleled and neutral insight in on what dimensions best to focus when it comes to individual talent development. As the survey will be repeated on an annual basis is becomes possible to track progress and development over time. This is a strong incentive for partners to change and improve their skills. Positive effect on firm culture We have noticed that in some firms there is an initial negative attitude regarding the concept of partners evaluating partners. These firms fear that the evaluating partners will ‘unleash the beast’ and highlight inequalities between partners. Such sentiments of caution seem more common with law firms that have a low-trust culture. In reality however we have so far not noticed such adverse effects. On the contrary, inviting partners to actively think about what each of the 7 dimensions means to them and to their firm, has commonly led to open discussions that solidified the values of the firm and created a stronger feeling of operating under a ‘shared vision’. The majority of the partners who have participated so far, embrace the opportunity to further develop as they subscribe to the necessity of permanent improvement to keep up with market demands and maintain a competitive edge over their peers in the market. Who is it for? Law firms that aspire to be the winners in their market must turn themselves into talent breeding institutions. The law firm that attracts and maintains the top talent will be the one with the most interesting clients and mandates and the highest profit per equity partner. Talent is not just something one is born with. It needs to be developed, honed and maintained. Our 360 is the best tool currently available in the market to support law firms in this process. Our methodology is suitable for any law firm from 18 to about 80 partners. Jump on the opportunity Don't wait and take positive action right now. Drop Lisa an email and get a free proposal that you can use for further discussion within your firm:

  • Your 2022 Booster Shot

    Remember how positive and full of inspiration we entered into the new decade two years ago? Seems like ages. Hard to imagine how ignorant we were about how things would unfold when the new decade was just two months in progress. March 2020 our entire world entered into full crisis mode. None of us imagined back then that two years down the line the world would still struggle to get to grips with the situation. As we enter into 2022, the Covid virus still rules our lives and dominates the news. The vaccines, developed with amazing speed, turned out not to be the ‘life saver’ expected to be. So far we all need at least one booster shot to get out of this misery. Legal industry Meanwhile the legal industry is breaking record after record. Law firms are reporting their best years on record. Lawyers have done extremely well the past two years. The drivers behind the growth are an abundance of liquidity in combination with almost unprecedented uncertainty and disruption. The side effects of this tsunami of work have become painfully visible. Many lawyers, even partners, are overworked, suffering mental health issues or burn-out. The numbers of young lawyers resigning have grown. Scrambling to attract adequate replacement, this raises the burden on the ones that carry-on. “The ability to attract, develop and keep talent will become the key differentiator for law firms” Before we descend into doom thinking, I would like you to take one step back and be proud of yourselves. I’m not joking! The legal industry is not only incredibly successful, but also extremely professional and well organized. Client satisfaction ratings are verry high. Law firms are, but for a few exceptions, a great place to work. They have a strong culture and camaraderie. From a financial perspective one would struggle to find business models that are equally profitable. The problem is that lawyers rarely, if ever, take that step back and be proud of their achievements. Perpetually lawyers are obsessed with flaws and risks. This never ending focus on the negative, while part of the success, is also mentally exhausting. Like a Formula-1 motorsports team, law firms relentlessly focus on every little detail as the know that there lies the difference between winning or losing. Unlike Formula-1, lawyers never take the time to celebrate and recover. After winning the World Championship on 12 December, Max Verstappen took time off. Judging from the news, he still is on holiday today. Unlike Max, most lawyers kept working until Christmas eve and have reported back to duty after New Year. If anything, allow yourself that morale booster shot. Be proud of what you have achieved! Talent is the next battleground for law firms If you cannot take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? Relentlessly focused on their practice and always anxious not to make even the tiniest mistake, law firm partners can be extremely demanding to their team of associates. Irregular workloads and working hours, intense scrutiny and verbal and emotional abuse are not unheard of. The problem is that the younger generation is not accepting this anymore. The present generation of partners have all grown up in what they think are similar conditions. They also had to do all-nighters, skip social events, holidays and family gatherings, have also likely been shouted at from time to time. The difference is that compared with today, the real workload back then was relatively mild. The other differentiator is that Baby Boomers have a very different perspective on what matters in life than the Millennials and Generation-Z now joining the workforce. The Baby Boomers knew that their social and economic situation would only get better. For the present day generations this is not the case as it will likely get worse. Associate turnover rates at AmLaw 100 firms reached nearly 25% last year, up from about 19%. Last year a large number of law firms have thrown large sums of money at it, but despite big salaries and round after round of bonuses, associate attrition rates are spiking, too. The present day generation of lawyers does not want to be seen as a ‘production asset’ or just another cog in the billing machine. They don’t want to be considered resource that can be bought with money. Todays talent wants to be seen and treated as human individuals and not as legal ‘sex workers’ providing a service without any personal emotions. This is not a ‘pussy generation’ Baby Boomers often speak of the younger generation in a disparaging manner. They are described as entitled, weak and sometimes lazy. Some call them the ‘Snowflake’ generation. It is important to stress that this does not do them justice and it more than counterproductive. The younger generation is equally, if not more, talented than their parent’s generation. They are also absolutely willing to go the extra mile. One just has to look at today’s sports records or the large number of successful start-ups for example. The key-differentiator is that the younger generation is not for sale. They are willing to give it all they’ve got, but only in exchange for personal growth. Law firms are well advised to change course and start offering professional and structural personal development opportunities for talent. For us at TGO Consulting, helping our clients design, roll-out and maintain a smart development program, tailored to individual needs and preferences will be an important strategic focal point in 2022. Our TGO-360 evaluation tool has proven to provide a solid base of associates and partners alike. Perhaps you should inquire and find out how we could help you being successful in 2022 and beyond.

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    article on TGO Offsite Retreat December 2021 The plans for TGO Offsite Retreat in Swdeden were presented in Swedish newspaper Falköpings Tidning, along with an interview with Jaap Bosman and Lisa Hakanson. lecture ESCP Paris November 2021 Students from the ESCP Business School in Paris (MSc International Business Law & Management) met with Jaap Bosman to discuss the place and importance of soft skills in the legal field and what human qualities a lawyer should have. column de jurist October 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist , a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The August column discusses consequences of hybrid working (in Dutch ). interview belgian corporate counsel magazine October 2021 The yearly publication of IBJ, the corporate counsel association of Belgium, celebrates its 150th edition and publishes an interview with Jaap Bosman. column de jurist August 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist , a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The August column argues three important subjects are missing from the law school curriculum (in Dutch ). JUVE legal operations conference June 2021 Jaap Bosman held the opening keynote of the JUVE Legal Operations Konferenz 2021, on the topic of bifurcation in the legal market. column de jurist May 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist , a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The May column urges law firms not to go back to 'normal' but to 'better' (in Dutch). ACC Europe Annual Conference May 2021 The association of corporate counsel (ACC) Europe held its Annual Conference 2021 online. Together with GCs and law firm partners, Jaap Bosman held a session on Optimising partnerships with outside counsel through data and dialogue . column de jurist April 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist , a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The April column looks at law firm investments (in Dutch). law firm leaders master class March 2021 Jaap Bosman held a Master Class for law firm leaders at the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in Shanghai China. column de jurist March 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist , a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad , Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The March column looks at how more rules on ethics will fail to give result (in Dutch). law firm leaders master class February 2021 Jaap Bosman will in March 2021 hold a Master Class for law firm leaders at the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in China, joined by Scott Westfahl, Harvard, and Peter Zeughauser, Zeughauser Group. interview Jaap Bosman February 2021 Leading up to the Law Firm Leadership & Management Program in China, March 2021, Jaap Bosman has been interviewed on law firm management by legal publishing platform Zihe. column de Jurist January 2021 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist, a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The January column looks at five things we must improve in 2021 (in Dutch). article Modern Lawyer January 2021 Jaap Bosman contributed to Modern Lawyer with an article on swarm intelligence. Modern Lawyer is a publication of Globe Law and Business and edited by Dr Catherine McGregor. column de Jurist November 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist, a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands leading financial newspaper. The November column looks at the financials of law firms in 2021 (in Dutch). legal awards October 2020 Legal publisher SDU annually hands our awards for achievements in the Dutch legal sector. Jaap Bosman is a member of the jury and had the honour to hand the Resilience Award to NautaDutilh (in Dutch). law360 October 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into partner pay guarantees: Is BigLaw Regretting Its Proclivity For Pay Guarantees? Jaap Bosman is asked to comment. Read more here . legal executive institute September 2020 Together with Nancey Watson , Jaap Bosman writes for the Legal Executive Institute (Thomson Reuters) an article on understanding the business is crucial for Legal. Read the article here dutch financial press - de jurist September 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for Dutch legal publication de Jurist (Het Finanieele Dagblad). This article examines the pitfalls of working from home. Read the article here (in Dutch). law360 September 2020 Jaap Bosman comments on partner compensation systems in a Law360 article (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe - Will Pure Lockstep Partner Pay Survive the Decade . Read the article here aba webinar June 2020 Jaap Bosman contributed to the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting organized by the International Law Section of the ABA. More information on the Annual Meeting can be found here iba webinar May 2020 Jaap Bosman presented the kick-off webinar in the first ever Virtual Entrepreneurship Conference organized by IBA, with over 400 lawyers actively attending. A recording can be found here More information here law360 April 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into Corona crisis measures of law firms. The article refers to our blog and some of our analysis is quoted in the article. Find the article here zhihe - intelligeast March 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published an article written by Jaap Bosman: link to the article here (in Chinese) gazette du palais March 2020 Gazette du Palais, a leading legal market publication in France, published an interview with Jaap Bosman on Legal Technology and the Creation-Production Divide Concept. Read it here (pdf) or here (in French) acc docket March 2020 Jaap Bosman co-authored the Feature Article of the ACC Docket Magazine March 2020 issue, introducing a 3-step method for prioritizing legal matters in-house. You can read the article here podcast Finland February 2020 Jaap Bosman joined Casper Herler in a podcast on the future of the legal profession. They explore trends for the legal industry in the new decade. What is cognitive diversity? When is specialism bad? And many more. bloomberg law + bloomberg tax February 2020 Jaap Bosman’s widely discussed article for Bloomberg: 'Fundamental Changes Coming to the Legal Industry This Decade', published by Bloomberg Law and by Bloomberg Tax. zhihe - Shanghai January 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published a translated version of Jaap Bosman's original article "5 Trends that will define the New Decade for Law Firms " acc legal operations - virtual roundtable January 2020 Jaap Bosman & Vincent Cordo were invited by the ACC to a webinar/virtual roundtable on their book Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined , focusing on concrete tools to get more value out external lawyers. law360 October 2019 An article in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the latest expansion of Dentons in the US, and quotes Jaap Bosman. Law360 is a LexisNexis company known for covering events in the legal market within 48 hours. acc australian corporate lawyer magazine October 2019 The Australian Corporate Lawyer magazine, by ACC Australia, featured an excerpt from the book Data & Dialogue - a relationship redefined in their spring issue 2019. innovation forum Shanghai August 2019 Zhihe, the largest legal community platform in China, and TGO Consulting lectured during the three day Law Firm Innovation Forum in Shanghai, joined by legal tech entrepreneurs and managing partners of law firms from all parts of China. law360 July 2019 An article in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the decision by Kirkland & Ellis to set up a plaintiffs' side trial group. Jaap Bosman is quoted, providing the context of litigation finance and its potential significant returns. acc breakfast meeting June 2019 At an ACC Europe breakfast meeting, hosted by EMEA headquarters of Uber, Jaap Bosman and Vincent Cordo gave a briefing on data analysis in legal services from their book Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined , article aba Journal May 2019 published our column The 6 most important qualities for an equity partner. Jaap Bosman, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. bloomberg law April 2019 Jaap Bosman is a contributor to Bloomberg Law. In this Insight article he writes about data analysis in the legal service sector and the insights provided by his new book Data & Dialogue, co-authored by Vincent Cordo . article aba journal April 2019 published an article The Legal Industry Will Need a New Breed of Lawyers , by Jaap Bosman, a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. trends tendances April 2019 The Belgian business magazine Trends Tendances featured an interview with Jaap Bosman regarding the newly published book Data & Dialogue , co-authored by Vincent Cordo. (Article in French ) article aba journal Januay 2019 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. published his article Monetizing your investment in legal tech law360 Januay 2019 Legal Sector Jobs Slump by Aebra Coe, Law360, examines the decline in the total number of jobs in the legal sector in Q4, 2018, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. keynote legal forum shanghai December 2018 Jaap Bosman delivered the closing keynote at the 智合论坛 / Intelligeast Forum 2018, Shanghai, the biggest seminar on the future of the legal profession in China to date. Other speakers include Richard Susskind and Ashish Nanda. article aba journal October 2018 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal. published his article: Are lawyers being trapped in their practice niches? inblf global annual meeting October 2018 The International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF”), a global organization of highly regarded boutique law firms, held their annual global meeting in Rome, where Jaap Bosman gave a keynote. harvard meeting October 2018 TGO Consulting met with directors of Harvard post-graduate law programmes to exchange views and experience. aija congress August 2018 Jaap Bosman held a keynote at the AIJA congress in Brussels on the topic of being an international lawyer. AIJA is a global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45. tgo client event August 2018 TGO Consulting held its client event in Bayreuth (Germany). We attended the performance of Richard Wagner's Walküre . aba journal June 2018 published our article It's not the associate salaries, it's the human skills that challenge law firms legal network emea meeting June 2018 Jaap Bosman contributed to the EMEA gathering of Multilaw in Malta, with a keynote on the changing relationship between clients and law firms brought on by, amongst other, data analysis. law firm leadership roundtable May 2018 Jointly with ABN AMRO Bank and ZumpolleVanderStoel legal headhunters, TGO Consulting hosted a roundtable with Managing Partners and GCs on the challenges of putting non-lawyers in client facing roles in law firms. aba journal April 2018 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal of the American Bar Association. published his article Start monetizing those unused (discountable) billable hours . lexisnexis France March 2018 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a French lawyer magazine published by LexisNexis in partnership with the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on Prediction & Prevention in legal disputes. shanghai law association January 2018 The China Law Publishing House published a summary of the first Shanghai Law Association Law School lecture, held by Jaap Bosman. Kang Jianjun, vice President of Shanghai Law Association, presided at the opening lecture ceremony. all China lawyers association December 2017 Jaap Bosman and Lisa Hakanson from TGO Consulting visited the All China Lawyers Association in Beijing, China. Shenzen bar association December 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a great law firm’ at the Shenzen Bar Association, in Shenzen, China. law firm marketing summit London November 2017 Jaap Bosman held a keynote on positioning and brand building at the 2nd annual Law Firm Marketing Summit London, organised by The Global Legal Post and Global City Media. business radio November 2017 Jaap Bosman was interviewed on the Dutch business radio on the topic of law firm profitability in the legal market. The hour-long broadcast can be accessed as a pod-cast (in Dutch). Polish bar association October 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a profitable law firm in a digital age’ at the Polish Bar Association (KIRP), in Warsaw, Polen. global legal post October 2017 The Global Legal Post published comments by Jaap Bosman on the effects of commoditisation in the legal market and the factors changing the way corporate clients value and purchase legal services. law press China October 2017 Law Press China, dedicates their October newsletter to female partners of Chinese law firms. The newsletter concludes with a book review and recommendation of the book Death of a Law Firm. acc docket October 2017 The ACC Docket is the journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), publishes an article by Jaap Bosman on what it might look like for the in-house counsel of the future. ccbe e-book October 2017 The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) has published an eBook containing a collection of essays written by the expert speakers from their annual conference. Jaap Bosman contributed an article on the future of law and access to justice. international association of prosecutors September 2017 The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is the worldwide organization of prosecutors. Jaap Bosman was a speaker at the 22nd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP , held in Beijing, China, addressing all Prosecutors General in a closed session. shanghai bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Shanghai Bar Association, a lawyer's association with near 20.000 members in China, to hold a lecture to its members on the topic of business of law. tianjin bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Tianjin Bar Association, Peoples Republic of China, to hold a lecture to its members on the topic of business of law. tianjin lawyer magazine September 2017 Tianjin Lawyer, the magazine for all members of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, published a review of Death of a Law Firm in their September issue. law360 August 2017 5 Ways Law Firms Can Harmonize Client Service, by Aebra Coe, Law360, charts what clients are looking for in terms of service experience, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. Law360 is a LexisNexis news company. law360 June 2017 Law360 is a LexisNexis company and news source for legal professionals, business leaders, and government officials. Jaap Bosman is quoted in an article by Sam Reisman regarding the malware attack on DLA Piper. global legal post June 2017 The Global Legal Post published an article on commoditization of legal services based on an article written by Jaap for the aba journal June 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article Do you suffer from commoditization blindness? , part of their Legal Rebels. death of a law firm June 2017 The publishing arm of the American Bar Association, ABA Book Publishing, published our book Death of a Law Firm , now for sale via their online store. german bar association May 2017 At the conference of the German Bar Association, Jaap Bosman joined a panel including Mark A. Cohen (Legal Mosaic), John Fernandez (Nextlaw Labs/Dentons), Jane Townsend (Allen & Overy), debating innovation in law. iba global entrepreneurship conference May 2017 Jaap Bosman contributed to the IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference, in Paris. aba journal March 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article What lawyers can learn from a dollar-store model , as part of their Legal Rebels series. harbour view March 2017 The Spring 2017 edition of Harbour View, a publication by Harbour Litigation Funding, celebrates their 10th anniversary. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. revue pratique March 2017 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a magazine for lawyers by LexisNexis and the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. (In English ) affiches parisiennes March 2017 Affiches Parisiennes, the Parisian biweekly legal journal, devoted the cover article of their 7 March issue to the JINOV conference in Paris, including the keynote speech by Jaap Bosman. op. recht. mechelen. February 2017 Jaap Bosman will contributed as a key note speaker in a conference programme on Management of Justice, concluded by the Belgian Minister of Justice and organized by the city of Mechelen, Belgium. jinov paris February 2017 JINOV, Les Journées de l’innovation du Droit et du Chiffre, presented its second edition of the days of innovation in law and numbers in Paris. Jaap Bosman contributed as a keynote speaker at this event . survey January 2017 TGO Consulting and Advocatie (Sdu) together conducted a survey amongst lawyers regarding their preferences on savings and investments. For a summary of the results in English, click here . la lettre des juristes d'affaires December 2016 One of the leading publication for the legal market in France, La Lettre des Juristes d'Affaires (LJA), published an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility report. legal tribune online December 2016 Legal Tribune Online, a law magazine published by Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, wrote an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility report . european conference on legal access November 2016 The Association for Development of Legal Informatization, Juriconnexion and Le Droit Ouvert, together organised the 4th European conference on legal access (JEIJ), where Jaap Bosman contributed.

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    what we do TGO Consulting are award winning business consultants focusing on the legal sector. We have a strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our approach is fact based and result driven. We help our clients to maintain or improve their profitability. We work on the basis of a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will highlight low hanging fruit and provide a benchmark against the market. Having decades of experience in the legal industry, we know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the process this will help overcome resistance and create buy-in. "everything must change for things to remain the same" - Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - 2021 End of Year Message Overworked, dissatisfied and disillusioned The loneliness of the Managing Partner articles of interest about us If it comes to serving a global client base and experience in working in different jurisdictions across the world, TGO Consulting is second to none. While understanding your home market and culture, we bring a wealth of experience in best market practice around the world. We know the legal industry inside out, past, present and future. We know your competitors and we know your clients. we strongly focus on enhancing our clients’ profitability the power of truly offering global best practice our new book Right now the world is facing unprecedented challenges. The business of law no exception. A New Dawn helps lawyers navigate the crisis. Practical and easy to read, just what you need today. a new concept There is no linear relation between time and value. We created the Creation-Production-Divide Concept©, a revolutionary new way to explain where the value is. This concept will fundamentally change the business of law. we strongly believe being a lawyer is about human skills a human-centric approach Being lawyers ourselves and having gained almost two decades of experience in private practice and in-house, we understand the dynamics of the partner group like few others. Although we always focus on our clients’ financial performance, we are strongly aware that the business of law is a human business before anything else. Understanding peoples’ drivers and behaviours is key to achieving lasting results. power curve Succession remains a sensitive and complex topic. The TGO power curve© analysis immediately shows succession and leadership vulnerabilities in the firm. This is just one of our data-based models in use. in the press 1/1 Interview on legal technology in La Gazette du Palais 未来十年,律师事务所的五大趋势 Article on the future of the legal profession Feature article in ACC Docket on how to prioritize for inhouse lawyers

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    offices AMSTERDAM ​ ​ Grote Bickersstraat 74-78 1013 KS Amsterdam ​ Netherlands ​ +31 648 97 89 50 NEW YORK ​ ​ 230 Park Avenue New York, NY 10169 ​ United States ​ TGO OFF-SITE RETREAT ​ ​ Yllestads Skola 1 521 95 Kättilstorp ​ Sweden ​ +46 31-753 95 21 ​ (operational early 2022) ​ ​

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