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    • Let's try to be better persons

      This is the first article of 2021. I have decided to resist the temptation to look back on 2020 and speculate on to what extent 2021 is going to be better. At this point in the pandemic, there is really nothing original to be said. It is eerie how the situation regarding the virus, the vaccines and the economy has exactly developed like we predicted in our book back in April 2020 (read A New Dawn, Chapter 1). However stressing ‘I told you so’, also is not very helpful, so right now let’s leave the virus for what it is. As by tradition, the first article of a new year is supposed to be reflective or inspirational. I have chosen to focus on a topic that is close to my heart, but not very popular in the world of Big Law where our clients are. So please bear with me. Be assured, from next week onwards it will be practical information as usual. Let’s start with a question: What do Thierry Herzog (France), Alex van der Zwaan (United Kingdom), Tobias Teufel (Germany), Ulf Johannemann (Germany), Skadden Arps and Freshfields have in common? The answer is: they are all either very reputable lawyers, or very reputable law firms. More interestingly, they are each on trial and are convicted (or about to be convicted) to imprisonment or financial penalties. Herzog is on trial in his capacity as the lawyer of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy; Van der Zwaan and Skadden Arps for their dubious role in relation to Trump and the Ukrainian Government; Teufel, Johannemann and Freshfields for their involvement in the Cum-Ex scandal. These four individuals and two law firms merely serve as an example on how a highly regarded reputation and standing are no safeguard against ethical misbehavior. Those who still believe that ethical misconduct is something that could only happen to ‘shady lawyers’ or ‘fixers’ such as Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell, could not be more mistaken. It can happen in the elite firms and to highly regarded celebrated lawyers. You would probably be shocked if you knew how many examples I have personally seen from close by over the past years. Ethical misconduct can come in many shapes and forms and only very few catch the attention of the public prosecutors and the media like the examples above. There are cases of Me-Too behavior, partners that charge for hours they did not make, lawyers that facilitate money laundering, bribery or corruption. There are lawyers that give false statements, lie to their clients or to the regulators, that antedate documents and so on. You name it, it happens but it shouldn’t. Often it is in the culture of the firm To my experience, in the elite law firms, lawyers seldom are inherently bad people. They do not have criminal intent by nature. Only every now and then one of the lawyers over time gradually ends up on a slippery slope, after which it typically goes from bad to worse. Often this process is fueled by the pressure to perform. Pushed to generate revenue, a desperate partner might give in to the temptation to accept a ‘shady’ client or facilitate a ‘shady deal’. Under pressure to perform a partner might resort to unfair billing practices. Fearing to lose a client, the lawyer might accept to produce a document that is not in line with the truth. Please don’t get me wrong, any behavior that crosses the line is in the end the full responsibility of the individual, but there are certainly things that the firm could do and should do to help avoid bad things from happening. So, as a law firm leader, what should you do? Make sure that every new partner meets high ethical standards. Discuss ethical dilemmas structurally and on a regular basis. Embed it in the training of young lawyers from day one. Walk-the-Talk and refuse clients that request lawyers to facilitate or enable crossing legal or ethical boundaries. Create a culture where it is safe to raise ethical questions or challenge perceived unethical behavior. Both internally and with clients. Have a zero-tolerance policy if it comes to clearly crossing the line. Those who are found guilty of ethical misconduct should be forced to leave the firm. Regardless who it concerns, even if it is your Star Partner. Walking the thin line Over the years, I have had many discussions with lawyers on this topic. The argument that I probably have heard most is that ‘it is the duty of a lawyer to do everything for the client and therefore to push the line and look for the limits of what is allowed’. While in general this holds true and a lawyer must maintain his/her commercial edge, it does not mean that all is allowed or ethically justifiable. This is exactly the reason why lawyers need an exceptionally good moral and ethical compass. The mere assumption that Cum-Ex was within the law, does not mean that it is the right thing to do. You want the lawyers in your firm to have a special radar for this. It is this radar that needs to be honed. For other types of misbehavior one need no radar: Me-Too and Over-Billing are never acceptable. Let’s try to be better persons The new year 2021 has only just started. We are looking back at a year in which polarization in society has reached unprecedented heights. In the US this culminated in the storming of Capitol Hill. In many other countries similar tensions between parts of the population have arisen. The year 2020 has been highly stressful for everyone. Everyone is physically and emotionally tired of the whole situation and therefor short tempered and more extreme. As a law firm, we cannot change that, but in fact we can contribute in our own small way. Trying even harder to do the right thing is definitely part of that effort. So let’s work on bolstering our ethical standards and let’s defend the rule of law.

    • Some Rainmakers cause Thunderstorms

      Mankind has always had a fascination for ‘Super Humans’. People just like you and me, but with some extraordinary power. The Greek had Heracles, the Baby Boomers had Batman and our children have Harry Potter. What these characters have in common is that on first sight they are just like us, ordinary people. Only if the world is in danger they come out and protect us from evil. Being at the core human, makes them relatable and enables us to fantasize that perhaps we also could be special. Such mythical creatures are also present in the Legal Industry. Here they are called Rainmakers. At first sight they seem to be just like all the others but when it comes to creating revenue, you can see their Super Powers. Like magnets they seem to be able to attract prestigious clients and big mandates, and that is how they come to the rescue of their firm. Rainmakers have the ability to create reputation and profit out of thin air. Thanks to this ability Rainmakers have mythical status and are highly sought-after as lateral hires. Typically a lawyer is not outgoing by nature. If asked, most would prefer to work on client files, rather than having to go out and find new clients. Perhaps deep down, they would like to be more confident and sociable, but like the children who fantasize about being Super Humans, they know that they are not. That is why they envy and admire the Rainmakers, as they represent what they would wish they could be. Rainmakers, sometimes not quite what it seems Partners whose revenue is in the upper 10% of their firm, are commonly considered Rainmakers. This would suggest that the fact that they have high revenue is predominantly thanks to their amazing reputation and/or acquisition skills. In reality this is not always the case and requires closer examination: Some ‘Rainmakers’ have simply ‘inherited’ a large part of their practice from a partner before them. Unless they cannot live up to the standard, those clients will typically remain loyal. Building one’s practice on a high quality 'inheritance' is much easier than building from scratch. Succeeding a renowned partner will also be a definitive advantage in building a reputation. Some ‘Rainmakers’ just got lucky once on landing a very large mandate, maybe because another lawyer was conflicted. This is especially known to happen in litigation. Some ‘Rainmakers’ go to great lengths to get files put in their name. Sometimes ‘Rainmakers’ claim that they are the Client Partner even if other partners do the actual work. Sometimes ‘Rainmakers’ are tempted to open a second file in the same matter which is then under their name. These ‘Rainmakers’ are very protective as it comes to their Book of Business. Some ‘Rainmakers’ purposely create weak offspring by appointing their ‘helpers’ to partner while expecting them to keep serving in their practice. We know of many instances where ‘Rainmakers’ did never make partners that were better or equally good as themselves. Some ‘Rainmakers’ only allow new partners to be appointed in their practice area on the condition that they will not compete and focus on a different segment of the market. As you will understand, above are just a few examples to illustrate that not every lawyer who is perceived as being a ‘Rainmaker’ actually possesses the ‘magical skills’ required. Just like a Las Vegas magician is not a sorcerer like Harry Potter. Fear and the Stockholm Syndrome Within their firm, Rainmakers have a very special position. That almost invariably includes having an important voice if it comes to the management of the firm. Rainmakers rarely act as Managing Partner, but behind the scenes they want to pull the strings. This as such might seem logical, but it actually does not make sense. The qualities that make a Rainmaker are different from those needed to define the strategy or to manage the firm. So why is it that Rainmakers wield so much influence? The naked truth is it is all about fear. The other partners feel inclined to accommodate the Rainmakers on all their whims, simply because they are afraid that otherwise the Rainmaker might get upset and might decide to leave the firm. Putting Rainmakers on a pedestal is in a way a form of the Stockholm Syndrome. In our practice, over time, we have come across examples of Rainmakers that had shown atrocious behavior. Committing fraud, Me-Too, misuse of firm property, it all happens. The partners know about this, but prefer to turn the blind eye. This illustrates the lengths to which partners are prepared to go to keep the Rainmaker on-board. Afraid as they are to lose the revenue, profit contribution and the reputation. Obviously the majority of Rainmakers is not at all guilty of any ethical or legal misconduct. Still some among this group might be found guilty on bullying other partners or behaving like a dictator during Partner Meetings. Again, the other partners tend to refrain from taking action out of fear of displeasing the Rainmaker, who then might leave. All this to illustrate that the relationship between the firm and the Rainmakers is ultimately ruled by fear. No need to explain that this is an unhealthy situation. How to mitigate the downside of Rainmakers? Management guru Tom Peters is probably the most famous consultant McKinsey has ever produced. His influence on the firm was enormous and helped raise McKinsey’s profile beyond its wildest dreams. Yet in 1981 Tom Peters was asked to leave. His contentious departure has been well documented. McKinsey had a rule that The Firm is more important than the individual. When Tom Peters became a 'Prima Donna', McKinsey did not hesitate to ‘kill’ its most celebrated Rainmaker. Turned out that ‘firing’ Tom Peters did not harm the firm, as we all know today. Also Tom Peter has done quite well for himself. So for law firms, the first step is to recognize the Stockholm Syndrome and to overcome the urge to allow the Rainmaker to behave as a spoiled celebrity. Law firms could learn from McKinsey in recognizing that The Firm is more important than the individual. Don’t be afraid to part with a Rainmaker that is causing Thunderstorms. Secondly, and perhaps even more important, consciously mange the quality of your partner group. The ability to attract mandates and clients should not be an exception. It is a core requirement for every partner. Law firms are still focusing on legal competencies as it comes to nominating new partners. It should be recognized that commercial and relationship skills are far more important. Lawyers should be trained from the day they start, to develop those skills. When the average quality of the partner group increases, the Rainmakers will gradually disappear, as every partner becomes a Rainmaker. Being a Rainmaker should become the rule, not the exception. Then the creature will lose its mythical status. This is part of what we advise on for a living. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss:

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    • press coverage | tgo consulting

      column de Jurist November 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for de Jurist, a legal market publication from Het Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands leading financial newspapwer. The November looks at the financials of law firms in 2021 (in Dutch). column legal awards October 2020 Legal publisher SDU annually hands our awards for achievements in the Dutch legal sector. Jaap Bosman is a member of the jury and had the honour to hand the to NautaDutilh (in Dutch). Resilience Award law360 October 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into partner pay guarantees: Jaap Bosman is asked to comment. Read more . Is BigLaw Regretting Its Proclivity For Pay Guarantees? here legal executive institute September 2020 Together with , Jaap Bosman writes for the Legal Executive Institute (Thomson Reuters) an Nancey Watson article on understanding the business is crucial for Legal. Read the article here dutch financial press - de jurist September 2020 Jaap Bosman is a columnist for Dutch legal publication (Het Finanieele Dagblad). This article examines the pitfalls of working from home. de Jurist Read the article (in Dutch). here law360 September 2020 Jaap Bosman comments on partner compensation systems in a Law360 article (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe - . Read the article Will Pure Lockstep Partner Pay Survive the Decade here aba webinar June 2020 Jaap Bosman contributed to the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting organized by the International Law Section of the ABA. More information on the Annual Meeting can be found here iba webinar May 2020 Jaap Bosman presented the kick-off webinar in the first ever Virtual Entrepreneurship Conference organized by IBA, with over 400 lawyers actively attending. A recording can be found More information here here law360 April 2020 An article in Law360 (LexisNexis), by Aebra Coe, looks into Corona crisis measures of law firms. The article refers to our blog and some of our analysis is quoted in the article. Find the article here zhihe - intelligeast March 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published an article written by Jaap Bosman: link to the article (in Chinese here ) gazette du palais March 2020 Gazette du Palais, a leading legal market publication in France, published an interview with Jaap Bosman on Legal Technology and the Creation-Production Divide Concept. Read it (pdf) or (in French here here ) acc docket March 2020 Jaap Bosman co-authored the Feature Article of the ACC Docket Magazine March 2020 issue, introducing a 3-step method for prioritizing legal matters in-house. You can read the article here podcast Finland February 2020 Jaap Bosman joined Casper Herler in a on the future of the legal profession. They explore trends for the legal industry in the new decade. What is cognitive diversity? When is specialism bad? And many more. podcast bloomberg law + bloomberg tax February 2020 Jaap Bosman’s widely discussed article for Bloomberg: ' Fundamental Changes Coming to the Legal Industry This Decade', published by Bloomberg Law and by Bloomberg Tax. zhihe - Shanghai January 2020 Shanghai based Zhihe, the leading educational network and service provider in the Chinese market, published a of Jaap Bosman's original article translated version " " 5 Trends that will define the New Decade for Law Firms acc legal operations - virtual roundtable January 2020 Jaap Bosman & Vincent Cordo were invited by the ACC to a on their book focusing on concrete tools to get more value out external lawyers. webinar/ virtual roundtable , Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined law360 October 2019 An in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the latest expansion of Dentons in the US, and quotes Jaap Bosman. Law360 is a LexisNexis company known for covering events in the legal market within 48 hours. article acc australian corporate lawyer magazine October 2019 The Australian Corporate Lawyer magazine, by ACC Australia, featured an from the book in their spring issue 2019. excerpt Data & Dialogue - a relationship redefined innovation forum Shanghai August 2019 Zhihe the largest legal community platform in China, and TGO Consulting lectured during the three day Law Firm Innovation Forum in Shanghai, joined by legal tech entrepreneurs and managing partners of law firms from all parts of China. , law360 July 2019 An in Law360, by Aebra Coe, examines the decision by Kirkland & Ellis to set up a plaintiffs' side trial group. Jaap Bosman is quoted, providing the context of litigation finance and its potential significant returns. article acc breakfast meeting June 2019 At an ACC Europe breakfast meeting, hosted by EMEA headquarters of Uber, Jaap Bosman and Vincent Cordo gave a briefing on data analysis in legal services from their book , Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined article aba Journal May 2019 published our column Jaap Bosman, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. The 6 most important qualities for an equity partner. bloomberg law April 2019 Jaap Bosman is a contributor to Bloomberg Law. In this he writes about data analysis in the legal service sector and the insights provided by his new book Data & Dialogue, co-authored by Insight article . Vincent Cordo article aba journal April 2019 published an article by Jaap Bosman, a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. , The Legal Industry Will Need a New Breed of Lawyers trends tendances April 2019 The Belgian business magazine Trends Tendances featured an interview with Jaap Bosman regarding the newly published book co-authored by Vincent Cordo. , Data & Dialogue ( ) Article in French article aba journal Januay 2019 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association. published his article Monetizing your investment in legal tech law360 Januay 2019 by Aebra Coe, Law360, examines the decline in the total number of jobs in the legal sector in Q4, 2018, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. Legal Sector Jobs Slump keynote legal forum shanghai December 2018 Jaap Bosman delivered the closing keynote at the 智合论坛 / Intelligeast Forum 2018, Shanghai, the biggest seminar on the future of the legal profession in China to date. Other speakers include Richard Susskind and Ashish Nanda. article aba journal October 2018 Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal. published his article : Are lawyers being trapped in their practice niches? inblf global annual meeting October 2018 The International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF”), a global organization of highly regarded boutique law firms, held their annual global meeting in Rome, where Jaap Bosman gave a keynote. harvard meeting October 2018 TGO Consulting met with directors of Harvard post-graduate law programmes to exchange views and experience. aija congress August 2018 Jaap Bosman held a keynote at the AIJA congress in Brussels on the topic of being an international lawyer. AIJA is a global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45. tgo client event August 2018 TGO Consulting held its client event in Bayreuth (Germany). We attended the performance of . Richard Wagner's Walküre aba journal June 2018 published our article It's not the associate salaries, it's the human skills that challenge law firms legal network emea meeting June 2018 Jaap Bosman contributed to the EMEA gathering of Multilaw in Malta, with a keynote on the changing relationship between clients and law firms brought on by, amongst other, data analysis. law firm leadership roundtable May 2018 Jointly with ABN AMRO Bank and ZumpolleVanderStoel legal headhunters, TGO Consulting hosted a roundtable with Managing Partners and GCs on the challenges of putting non-lawyers in client facing roles in law firms. aba journal April 2018 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal of the American Bar Association. published his article . Start monetizing those unused (discountable) billable hours lexisnexis France March 2018 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a French lawyer magazine published by LexisNexis in partnership with the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an on Prediction & Prevention in legal disputes. article shanghai law association January 2018 The China Law Publishing House published of the first Shanghai Law Association Law School lecture, held by Jaap Bosman. Kang Jianjun, vice President of Shanghai Law Association, presided at the opening lecture ceremony. a summary all China lawyers association December 2017 Jaap Bosman and Lisa Hakanson from TGO Consulting visited the All China Lawyers Association in Beijing, China. Shenzen bar association December 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a great law firm’ at the Shenzen Bar Association, in Shenzen, China. law firm marketing summit London November 2017 Jaap Bosman held a keynote on positioning and brand building at the 2nd annual Law Firm Marketing Summit London, organised by The Global Legal Post and Global City Media. business radio November 2017 Jaap Bosman was interviewed on the Dutch business radio on the topic of law firm profitability in the legal market. The hour-long broadcast can be accessed as a (in Dutch). pod-cast Polish bar association October 2017 Jaap Bosman gave a lecture on the topic of ‘Building a profitable law firm in a digital age’ at the Polish Bar Association (KIRP), in Warsaw, Polen. global legal post October 2017 The Global Legal Post published comments by Jaap Bosman on the effects of commoditisation in the legal market and the factors changing the way corporate clients value and purchase legal services. law press China October 2017 Law Press China, dedicates their October newsletter to female partners of Chinese law firms. The newsletter concludes with a book review and recommendation of the book Death of a Law Firm. acc docket October 2017 The ACC Docket is the journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), publishes an by Jaap Bosman on what it might look like for the in-house counsel of the future. article ccbe e-book October 2017 The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) has published an eBook containing a collection of essays written by the expert speakers from their annual conference. Jaap Bosman contributed on the future of law and access to justice. an article international association of prosecutors September 2017 The (IAP) is the worldwide organization of prosecutors. Jaap Bosman was a speaker at the , held in Beijing, China, addressing all Prosecutors General in a closed session. International Association of Prosecutors 22nd Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP shanghai bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Shanghai Bar Association, a lawyer's association with near 20.000 members in China, to hold a to its members on the topic of business of law. lecture tianjin bar association September 2017 Jaap Bosman was invited by the Tianjin Bar Association, Peoples Republic of China, to hold a lecture to its members on the topic of business of law. tianjin lawyer magazine September 2017 Tianjin Lawyer, the magazine for all members of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, published a review of Death of a Law Firm in their September issue. law360 August 2017 Law Firms Can Harmonize Client Service, by Aebra Coe, Law360, charts what clients are looking for in terms of service experience, quoting Jaap Bosman among other. Law360 is a LexisNexis news company. 5 Ways law360 June 2017 Law360 is a LexisNexis company and news source for legal professionals, business leaders, and government officials. Jaap Bosman is quoted in an article by Sam Reisman regarding the malware attack on DLA Piper. global legal post June 2017 The Global Legal Post published an article on commoditization of legal services based on an article written by Jaap for the aba journal June 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article , part of their Legal Rebels. Do you suffer from commoditization blindness? death of a law firm June 2017 The publishing arm of the American Bar Association, ABA Book Publishing, published our book , now for sale via their online store. Death of a Law Firm german bar association May 2017 At the conference of the German Bar Association, Jaap Bosman joined a panel including Mark A. Cohen (Legal Mosaic), John Fernandez (Nextlaw Labs/Dentons), Jane Townsend (Allen & Overy), debating innovation in law. iba global entrepreneurship conference May 2017 Jaap Bosman contributed to the in Paris. IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference, aba journal March 2017 Jaap Bosman is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, magazine of the American Bar Association. It published his article , as part of their Legal Rebels series. What lawyers can learn from a dollar-store model harbour view March 2017 The of Harbour View, a publication by Harbour Litigation Funding, celebrates their 10th anniversary. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. Spring 2017 edition revue pratique March 2017 Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, is a magazine for lawyers by LexisNexis and the National Bar Association of France. Jaap Bosman contributed with an article on the business of law. (In ) English affiches parisiennes March 2017 Affiches Parisiennes, the Parisian biweekly legal journal, devoted the cover article of their 7 March issue to the JINOV conference in Paris, including the keynote speech by Jaap Bosman. op. recht. mechelen. February 2017 Jaap Bosman will contributed as a key note speaker in a conference on Management of Justice, concluded by the Belgian Minister of Justice and organized by the city of Mechelen, Belgium. programme jinov paris February 2017 JINOV, Les Journées de l’innovation du Droit et du Chiffre, presented its second edition of the days of innovation in law and numbers in Paris. Jaap Bosman contributed as a keynote speaker at this . event survey January 2017 TGO Consulting and Advocatie (Sdu) together conducted a survey amongst lawyers regarding their preferences on savings and investments. For a summary of the results in English, click . here la lettre des juristes d'affaires December 2016 One of the leading publication for the legal market in France, La Lettre des Juristes d'Affaires (LJA), published an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility report. legal tribune online December 2016 Legal Tribune Online, a law magazine published by Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, wrote an article on TGO Consulting partner mobility . report european conference on legal access November 2016 The Association for Development of Legal Informatization, Juriconnexion and Le Droit Ouvert, together organised the (JEIJ), where Jaap Bosman contributed. 4th European conference on legal access

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      what we do TGO Consulting are award winning business consultants focusing on the legal sector. We have a strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our approach is fact based and result driven. We help our clients to maintain or improve their profitability. We work on the basis of a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will highlight low hanging fruit and provide a benchmark against the market. Having decades of experience in the legal industry, we know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the process this will help overcome resistance and create buy-in. "everything must change for things to remain the same" - Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - Happy New Year 2021 to all (video) Some Rainmakers cause Thunderstorms Stop making a business plan right now articles of interest about us If it comes to serving a global client base and experience in working in different jurisdictions across the world, TGO Consulting is second to none. While understanding your home market and culture, we bring a wealth of experience in best market practice around the world. We know the legal industry inside out, past, present and future. We know your competitors and we know your clients. we strongly focus on enhancing our clients’ profitability the power of truly offering global best practice our new book Right now the world is facing unprecedented challenges. The business of law no exception. A New Dawn helps lawyers navigate the crisis. Practical and easy to read, just what you need today. a new concept There is no linear relation between time and value. We created the Creation-Production-Divide Concept©, a revolutionary new way to explain where the value is. This concept will fundamentally change the business of law. we strongly believe being a lawyer is about human skills a human-centric approach Being lawyers ourselves and having gained almost two decades of experience in private practice and in-house, we understand the dynamics of the partner group like few others. Although we always focus on our clients’ financial performance, we are strongly aware that the business of law is a human business before anything else. Understanding peoples’ drivers and behaviours is key to achieving lasting results. power curve Succession remains a sensitive and complex topic. The TGO power curve© analysis immediately shows succession and leadership vulnerabilities in the firm. This is just one of our data-based models in use. in the press 1/1 Interview on legal technology in La Gazette du Palais Article on the future of the legal profession 未来十年,律师事务所的五大趋势 Feature article in ACC Docket on how to prioritize for inhouse lawyers

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