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"Some law firms might be only steps away from collapse and still they are totally unaware."
published by the American Bar Association

"Death of a Law Firm is full of important insights about major law firms today:  their strengths, weaknesses, and eccentricities. The author knows this world in complete detail and pulls no punches in his analysis of critical business and organizational issues. This is a book not to be missed."  


- James R. Silkenat, former President of the American Bar Association

"Jaap presents precious and thought-provoking ideas in an engaging and entertaining style, giving valuable insight into how law firms operate and what threats they face. Though you may agree or disagree with his sometimes provocative and rebellious opinions, the book is surely an intriguing must-read for all lawyers who take themselves and their future seriously!"


- Dr. Orsolya Görgényi, LL.M., former President of the AIJA

"Death of a Law Firm is a fascinating read that challenges the status quo and taps into our senses, showing how to increase your probabilities of success. Each chapter is a constant challenge to the traditional approach - providing many 'aha!' moments."


 - Vincent J. Cordo, Central Legal Operations Manger, Shell

‘Nothing fails like success’. Business law firms have what is arguably one of the most profitable business models in existence. Profits have soared over the last decades and many partners make well over a million dollar a year. Even the 2008 financial crisis has not been able to change that. Lawyers can be forgiven for being convinced they are doing something right.

Death of a Law Firm, is a provoking book that carefully dissects the business model against the changes that are going on in the market. The book demonstrates that increasing commoditization, increasing partner mobility and the way partners work together and take decisions, create a toxic mix that might become lethal. The combination of hard core economics and behavioural insights that make this book unique and powerful.


A must read, not only for partners wishing to steer their firm clear of the abyss, but also for anyone working in the business of law, including associates and staff, or even for law students aspiring a career.


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The book has been translated into Chinese and published in 2017 by Law Press China:

中法图正版 律所再造:律所革命的宣言书

The Chinese edition is available here.

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