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Data analytics and predictive analytics

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TGO Consulting helps both law firms and in-house legal departments alike with the analysis of matters across departments in order to gain the insights that are needed to enter into viable alternative fee arrangements and to optimize efficiency. Legal Project Management and Legal Operations will hugely benefit from the new insights and will become far more effective. We believe that the use of data analytics to improve efficiency will prove to be key in the development of the legal profession. 

Today’s world is largely driven by data. Data analysis can provide businesses with valuable insights that help enhance profitability, performance, business development and client satisfaction. TGO Consulting has developed tools and methods to look beyond the data typically provided by the finance and accounting department of a law firm. We are able to analyze data from a business perspective which we can benchmark against our own dataset which is build on many law firms and different markets. This analysis will help identify opportunities and vulnerabilities and has proven to be tremendously useful as management tool.

We at TGO Consulting believe Prediction & Prevention will be the next step as it comes to the use of data in law. Today we already use data analysis to help predict the outcome of a litigation. Currently we are working in cooperation with some of the leading universities on the development of algorithms that will help predict when and why certain legal issues might arise. Over time these technologies will help to substantially lower legal spend and the strain on the courts by preventing certain legal disputes from happening.

To find out how TGO Consulting can help your organization gain insights from data contact us.

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