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“TGO Consulting has the power to think out of the box”

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The world is awash with consultants that share wisdom from the past. Some of them even once had impressive careers as managing partners. Others have gathered wisdom without ever having been in 'the trenches'. We at TGO Consulting believe that the strategies that have worked well in the past are not necessary what is best for tomorrow.

If you do what you did, you get what you've got. In order to navigate the future fresh, critical and independent thinking is needed. No recycling of old tricks and no parroting other people. We at TGO Consulting will always keep thinking out of the box. We have an unparalleled ability to innovate.


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TGO Value Matrix©


When doing the research for our second book ‘Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined’ we have had conversations with some of the world’s leading CEO’s, GC’s, MP’s and academics. It became apparent that there was no workable model to define what is ‘value’. That is why after a lot of thinking, testing and hard work, we have developed the TGO Value Matrix©. The Value Matrix shows that ‘value’ is defined by the Return On Investment for the client (to what extend the investment in legal fees contribute to bottom-line profit) and Commoditization (the number of experienced lawyers, qualified for the matter). The TGO Value Matrix© is validated by data and is a prime example of our unparalleled ability to innovate.

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The concept of Creation – Production divide ©


At TGO Consulting we believe that it is vital to look beyond our assignments at hand. That is why we structurally dedicate time thinking about the legal industry. We noticed that the time spent by a lawyer has no relationship to value. Things that add tremendous value, do not necessarily take a lot of time. Things that take a lot of time do not necessarily add value. That is why we have developed the concept of Creation – Production divide©. This is again a great example of our thought leadership and our power to innovate. It will potentially change the very fundament of the business of law.

Articles, round-tables and lectures


Our founder, Jaap Bosman, is considered on of the world's thought leaders on the future of the legal profession. He is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, Bloomberg, Law360 and other leading publications across the world. He is regularly invited to  teach and give lectures on the business of law at both public and private events all around the world.

TGO Consulting regularly organizes round-tables, bringing together lawyers and clients.

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