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  • Law firm leadership

  • Business-process analysis and re-engineering

  • Partner performance and compensation

  • Financial analysis & data analysis

  • Succession planning

  • Digital transformation

  • Market positioning & strategic practice development

what we do

TGO Consulting is an award-winning business consultancy targeted at the Elite law firms in any jurisdiction. We have strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. TGO Consulting is one of the few, if not the only, strategy consultant in the Legal Industry that is truly capable of bringing 'Global Best Practice' to its clients.


Our clients are able to maintain their tier-1 position because they have never become complacent. They always remain extremely ambitious to be even better. Law firms that need help most are the hardest to help. Most mid-tier firms are mid-tier for a reason. We cannot change that. It all starts with ambition. That is why we focus on the Elite.


For our clients it is not just about being in the first-tier; it is about being number one. Our clients want to be the winners. Our clients remain hungry to forever increase their share of the most challenging and interesting cases for the world's leading companies.


"you need the skill and you need the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill"

- Muhammad Ali - 

We know the business side of law like few others. Even more important perhaps is our unparalleled experience with the dynamics of a partner group. We don't sell 'fear', we create 'opportunity'. TGO Consulting has the unique ability to find creative and innovative strategic solutions. We are aware that any strategy in the end is as good as it's execution.


We employ a fact-based approach. We typically start with a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will typically highlight low hanging fruit and will immediately lead to a higher profitability for the firm. Typically, this is in the range of 5 to 10%, although we have seen profit increases that were higher.


The FBA© will also provide a benchmark against other leading law firms in the same and comparable jurisdictions. Benchmarking against best market practice provides our clients with indicators against which we can later measure progress.


The Financial Business Analysis©, in combination with a market analysis and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the present partner group will create a solid foundation for defining the strategic objectives for the firm.


Together with our client we define a clear, relevant and realistic strategy that will lead to more profitability and a stronger position in the market. We do not waste time on things that do not contribute to our clients' bottom line.


Few legal industry strategy consultants have so much in-depth experience in working with partner groups as TGO Consulting. We know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the strategy process we will help overcome resistance and to create buy-in from the partners.

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