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Bid management & pitching

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Our Bid Management Team helps law firms register a RFP and break it down into a complete set of requirements.  BMT then categorizes requirements and lets you view them from several perspectives.  This gives you an efficient method for understanding the RFP.
We will work seamlessly together with your in-house BD and/or marketing department. Depending on your needs and capacity our BMT can coordinate the information and documents needed and/or write the proposal. We will work closely with the responsible partner putting together a competitive pricing proposal.

If requested we can even take care of the design, using professional graphic designers and professional design tools. Creating stunning results that will make your bid stand out from the competition.

We know like no other that there is always pressure on time. Our BMT is available 24/7 and has fast turn around times. We take care of your pitch so partners can focus on their practice.


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