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Revenue management for law firms


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The vast majority of lawyers does not manage to consistently write 8 billable hours a day. Utilization, billable time as a percentage of the target, is typically at 90% or below. In almost every law firm we know there is time that is currently not used to work on client matters. What if we could help you monetize these idle hours? That would instantly create a significant boost in your profit.

We help lawyers focusing on revenue management rather than on the hourly rate. Start applying market dynamics in the way Uber does. Or the airline industry, they are also willing to sell you the last remaining business class seat at a discounted price. Also for them selling that seat will bring pure profit as there will be no additional costs. Airline passengers have got used to this and have learned to accept that the person sitting next to them might have a better deal. [read our blog post]


Today we are working with our clients to introduce smarter and more sophisticated pricing models. These models introduce flexible pricing in order to better manage revenue and enhance profitability. Also for the law firm’s clients this provides new opportunities as they will have a better deal at times of low demand. Talking to the in-house lawyers we know they are ready to embrace this model. No reason for your firm to hesitate.

Find how we can help your firm implement revenue management.

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