about us

The world is awash with consultants that share wisdom from the past. Some of them even once had impressive careers as managing partners. Others have gathered wisdom without ever having been in 'the trenches'. We at TGO Consulting believe that the strategies that have worked well in the past are not necessary what is best for tomorrow.


If you do what you did, you get what you've got. In order to navigate the future, fresh, critical and independent thinking is needed. No recycling of old tricks and no parroting other people. We at TGO Consulting will always keep thinking independent, critical and out-of-the-box. We have an unrivalled ability to innovate.


"if you do what you did - you get what you got" 

The TGO Value Matrix© shows that ‘value’ is related to the Return On Investment for the client (to what extend the investment in legal fees contribute to bottom-line profit) and the level of Commoditization (the number of experienced lawyers, qualified for the matter).

There has never been a linear relation between time and value. We invented the Creation-Production-Divide Concept©, a revolutionary new way to explain in what part of the process lays the value to your clients. This insight is widely considered a gamechanger in the industry.

The TGO Reputation Index© is a clever way to visualize law firms’ reputation in a single market. The reputation is calculated on a mix of external data and TGO Consulting's own assessment. We employ a balanced scorecard that does not favour large size law firms of well-known brands.

Reputation Index France 2018.JPG

Succession remains a sensitive and complex topic. The TGO power curve© analysis immediately shows succession and leadership vulnerabilities in the firm. This is just one of our data based models in use.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

- Steve Jobs -


TGO Consulting was founded by Jaap Bosman and Lisa Håkanson, two lawyers with over a decade of experience. Besides a legal degree, Jaap also holds a degree from one of the world’s most prestigious design schools. This defines our dna. The unique combination of legal experience and knowledge and creativity gives TGO Consulting a competitive edge and is reflected in our vision and approach.

Jaap Bosman

Lisa Håkanson