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"Transforming relationships between law firms and their clients"
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About the book

During the past 50 years or so the relationship between clients and their lawyers has fundamentally been the same. For sure the 2008 Financial Crisis rocked the boat a bit, but things soon went back to normal. In general, despite occasional critical words, clients are happy with their lawyers. Relationships tend to be loyal.
Despite ‘daily’ communications, there is however surprisingly little dialogue. Law Firms have limited understanding of the inner workings of their clients and vice versa. This book will explain in detail what the drivers are on ‘the other side’. In doing so the book will explore how the use of data analytics will soon transform the legal industry and how the relationship between law firms and their clients must be reinvented to enable law firms to still be profitable while clients receive better value.


A must read for anyone working in the legal sector!

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Free updates and information sharing

The topic of this book is the ever-evolving relationship between clients and their law firms. Due to the growing popularity of Legal Operations, technological developments and the rise of Alternative Legal Service providers and other market disruptors, it is impossible to publish a book that is completely up-to-date.

We have therefore created a website through which the information in the book will be complemented and updated. We will share information, statistics, and graphs with you as our reader for free. So, visit the website regularly and use the opportunity to share your thoughts and let us know what you would like us to publish next.

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