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Death of a Law Firm (2015) English edition published by the American Bar Association. Chinese edition published by Law Press China. This book is about the business of law and the human dynamics that drive it. Death of a Law Firm has become an influential global bestseller.



Data & Dialogue - a relationship redefined (2019); co-authored by Vincent Cordo. Available through Amazon. English edition only. This book is about the relationship between law firms and clients. It introduces revolutionary new concepts such as the Value Matrix© and the Creation-Production-Divide-Concept©


A New Dawn quick read edition (May 2020). Available through Amazon. English edition only. This book provides lawyers with comprehensive and practical guidance on how to navigate the Covid-19 economic crisis. This book will expand into a more elaborate ‘regular edition’ that will be published by the end of 2020


TGO Consulting is widely considered a thought leader on the business of law



Commoditization of Legal Services (2016). TGO Consulting undertook a quantitative survey to which extend there is a real downward pressure on the price of legal services. Senior lawyers from over 100 business law firms across Europe participated on-line. Further, 15 general counsel, or persons in charge of managing outside legal services, were interviewed face-to-face.


Mercenaries on the Move (2016). This is the first report that presents an in-depth analysis of lateral partner moves in the German market over a longer period of time. It covers the hiring activity of the 25 top-ranked law firms in the German legal market since the start of 2011. An analysis of the data provides an insight into the practice areas that are most concerned and which type of firms are hit the hardest by equity partners seeking opportunities elsewhere.



TGO Consulting is widely considered one of the thought leaders on the business of law. We are regularly asked to contribute articles to Bloomberg, the ABA Journal, the ACC Docket and various other leading publications around the world. You can find pdf reprints of many of these articles under the press tab of this website.

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