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  • Request form report 2 | tgo-consulting

    Ordering the report If you are interested in a hard copy of the report, please fill in your details below and we will send it to you. Thanks! Message sent. Send

  • a new dawn | tgo-consulting

    MANIFESTO We believe that now, in a time of crisis, teamwork is more important than ever. Law firm partners need to closely cooperate instead of internally compete, in a quest to find the best possible answers to the unique challenges companies (clients) are facing. Only if we combine all intelligence, knowledge, creativity and expertise available in the firm, we can find the innovative solutions needed. Swarm Intelligence outperforms any individual. We believe that the value of a lawyer is not primarily in the knowledge of the law, but in the knowledge of best market practice (risk distribution), strategic insight, empathy, moral standard, creativity and personality. The value of a good lawyer is primarily in the human skills. To the client, these human qualities are far more valuable than the production of legal documents as a consequence thereof. There is no linear relationship between time spent and value. We believe that, for the years to come, companies will only be prepared to spend money on legal services that directly help them protect their bottom-line. There will be tremendous price pressure on legal services that are considered being just part of the costs. Understanding your clients’ business model is more important now than ever.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ This book - A New Dawn - is a Quick Read Edition. The book will become a more elaborate, printed book (Regular Edition) in the months to come. ​ Right now you do not need a lengthy and theoretical book. You need to-the-point, easy to implement, practical advice. You also need it today and not in a year's time. ​ A New Dawn, has been made available for free until the end of May and is now available through Amazon only. order at your local Amazon site

  • our services | tgo consulting

    Law firm leadership Business-process analysis and re-engineering Partner performance and compensation Financial analysis & data analysis Succession planning Digital transformation Market positioning & strategic practice development what we do TGO Consulting is an award-winning business consultancy targeted at the Elite law firms in any jurisdiction. We have strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. TGO Consulting is one of the few, if not the only, strategy consultant in the Legal Industry that is truly capable of bringing 'Global Best Practice' to its clients. Our clients are able to maintain their tier-1 position because they have never become complacent. They always remain extremely ambitious to be even better. Law firms that need help most are the hardest to help. Most mid-tier firms are mid-tier for a reason. We cannot change that. It all starts with ambition. That is why we focus on the Elite. For our clients it is not just about being in the first-tier; it is about being number one. Our clients want to be the winners. Our clients remain hungry to forever increase their share of the most challenging and interesting cases for the world's leading companies. "you need the skill and you need the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill" - Muhammad Ali - We know the business side of law like few others. Even more important perhaps is our unparalleled experience with the dynamics of a partner group. We don't sell 'fear', we create 'opportunity'. TGO Consulting has the unique ability to find creative and innovative strategic solutions. We are aware that any strategy in the end is as good as it's execution. We employ a fact-based approach. We typically start with a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will typically highlight low hanging fruit and will immediately lead to a higher profitability for the firm. Typically, this is in the range of 5 to 10%, although we have seen profit increases that were higher. The FBA© will also provide a benchmark against other leading law firms in the same and comparable jurisdictions. Benchmarking against best market practice provides our clients with indicators against which we can later measure progress. The Financial Business Analysis©, in combination with a market analysis and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the present partner group will create a solid foundation for defining the strategic objectives for the firm. Together with our client we define a clear, relevant and realistic strategy that will lead to more profitability and a stronger position in the market. We do not waste time on things that do not contribute to our clients' bottom line. Few legal industry strategy consultants have so much in-depth experience in working with partner groups as TGO Consulting. We know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the strategy process we will help overcome resistance and to create buy-in from the partners. Read More

  • Legal market insights - Reports

    Reports TGO Consulting conducts research into aspects of the legal market worldwide and publishes reports that provide insights into both clients’ buying behaviour as well as the organisations of legal service providers. We collect and analyse market data, conduct in-depth interviews as well as quantitative surveys, whichever will be fit for the purpose at hand. ​ We are currently, amongst other, working on a report on legal markets in Africa, as well as a report jointly with a Fortune top-10 company that will examine current and future tools in buying legal services. Partner mobility in the German market This is the first report that presents an in-depth analysis of lateral partner moves in the German market over a longer period of time. It covers the hiring activity of the 25 top-ranked law firms in the German legal market since the start of 2011. For the first time, it is revealed that the German lateral hiring market has evolved to reach an unprecedented high and that partners are shifting across the board. An analysis of the data provides an insight into the practice areas that are most concerned and which type of firms are hit the hardest by equity partners seeking opportunities elsewhere. In a sector where the hunt for talent is fierce and law firms are scrambling to shape themselves for the opportunities to come, top lawyers are simply in too high demand to be loyal. The results of this report can be seen as a sign of the times we can expect ahead. With Brexit on the horizon firms will jostle to position themselves in order to benefit from a shifting market. In an ever more competitive playing field the fittest will survive. ​ A PDF version can be downloaded for free by clicking on the report. If you are interested in a complimentary hard copy please do not hesitate to request one here . ​ Commoditisation of legal services Few of us have failed to notice how clients are changing the manner in which they purchase external legal services and their efforts in putting pressure on pricing. At the same time, law firms are reporting more or less business as usual. How can this be? TGO Consulting undertook a quantitative survey amongst lawyers aimed at canvassing to which extend there is a real downward pressure on the price of legal services. Senior lawyers from over a 100 business law firms across Europe were invited to participate on-line, on an anonymous basis. Further, 15 general counsel, or persons in charge of managing outside legal services, were interviewed face-to-face on the subject of commoditisation of legal services. All interviewees represent internationally operating companies that are large buyers of legal services. The results presented in this report are thought-provoking and we hope that our conclusions stimulate a further debate. A PDF version can be downloaded for free by clicking on the picture of the report on the left side of this text. If you are interested in a complimentary hard copy please do not hesitate to request one here . ​

  • recruitment | tgo consulting

    we are recruiting the bright people Having a global client base, TGO Consulting attaches great importance to having an international and diverse team. We are convinced that collaboration between bright people from diverse backgrounds produces superior results compared to those flowing forth from homogenous groups. We work in virtual international teams and in many markets, we have consultants who speak the local language. ​We are looking for exceptional people from a variety of professions and academic backgrounds, with an understanding of the legal services sector. A background as a lawyer is not a necessity, nor a strong academic record. We value intellectual curiosity, integrity, common sense and commercial awareness.

  • home | tgo consulting

    what we do TGO Consulting are award winning business consultants focusing on the legal sector. We have a strong client base spanning most of Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our approach is fact based and result driven. We help our clients to maintain or improve their profitability. We work on the basis of a Financial Business Analysis© for which we have developed our own unique standardized model. This FBA© will highlight low hanging fruit and provide a benchmark against the market. Having decades of experience in the legal industry, we know the dynamics of partner groups inside out. During the process this will help overcome resistance and create buy-in. "everything must change for things to remain the same" - Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - Partner Compensation reality Preferring Profits over People ChatGPT in the legal industry articles of interest about us If it comes to serving a global client base and experience in working in different jurisdictions across the world, TGO Consulting is second to none. While understanding your home market and culture, we bring a wealth of experience in best market practice around the world. We know the legal industry inside out, past, present and future. We know your competitors and we know your clients. we strongly focus on enhancing our clients’ profitability the power of truly offering global best practice our new book Right now the world is facing unprecedented challenges. The business of law no exception. A New Dawn helps lawyers navigate the crisis. Practical and easy to read, just what you need today. a new concept There is no linear relation between time and value. We created the Creation-Production-Divide Concept©, a revolutionary new way to explain where the value is. This concept will fundamentally change the business of law. we strongly believe being a lawyer is about human skills a human-centric approach Being lawyers ourselves and having gained almost two decades of experience in private practice and in-house, we understand the dynamics of the partner group like few others. Although we always focus on our clients’ financial performance, we are strongly aware that the business of law is a human business before anything else. Understanding peoples’ drivers and behaviours is key to achieving lasting results. power curve Succession remains a sensitive and complex topic. The TGO power curve© analysis immediately shows succession and leadership vulnerabilities in the firm. This is just one of our data-based models in use. in the press 1/1 Interview on legal technology in La Gazette du Palais 未来十年,律师事务所的五大趋势 Article on the future of the legal profession Feature article in ACC Docket on how to prioritize for inhouse lawyers

  • Law Firm Leadership | TGO Consulting

    Leadership development and transition TGO Consulting assists managing partners and law firm leadership in carrying out their tasks and develop techniques to be more effective in their leadership role. We not only know the business of law like few others, above all we understand the inner workings of the partnership. This understanding is key to getting things done and effectively moving the firm forward. We offer individual coaching and operate discrete and behind the scenes. Coaching sessions at regular intervals provide an effective learning curve and a continuous feedback loop. ​ Qualities that make an excellent partner become a hindrance when managing the firm. Once a partner is elected into a management role, he or she enters a whole new ball game. Managing the business and managing your fellow partners requires an entire new set of skills. The TGO Centre for Entrepreneurship offers effective in-house training in essential business development skills. Ask for more information on how we could provide training to your firm's leadership.

  • Data & Dialogue | TGO Consulting

    "Transforming relationships between law firms and their clients" ​ About the book ​ During the past 50 years or so the relationship between clients and their lawyers has fundamentally been the same. For sure the 2008 Financial Crisis rocked the boat a bit, but things soon went back to normal. In general, despite occasional critical words, clients are happy with their lawyers. Relationships tend to be loyal. Despite ‘daily’ communications, there is however surprisingly little dialogue. Law Firms have limited understanding of the inner workings of their clients and vice versa. This book will explain in detail what the drivers are on ‘the other side’. In doing so the book will explore how the use of data analytics will soon transform the legal industry and how the relationship between law firms and their clients must be reinvented to enable law firms to still be profitable while clients receive better value. A must read for anyone working in the legal sector! Free updates and information sharing ​ The topic of this book is the ever-evolving relationship between clients and their law firms. Due to the growing popularity of Legal Operations, technological developments and the rise of Alternative Legal Service providers and other market disruptors, it is impossible to publish a book that is completely up-to-date. We have therefore created a website through which the information in the book will be complemented and updated. We will share information, statistics, and graphs with you as our reader for free. So, visit the website regularly and use the opportunity to share your thoughts and let us know what you would like us to publish next.

  • bosman | TGO Consulting

    jaap bosman Jaap Bosman is an award-winning strategy consultant and an investor. After having spent 15 years in legal practice, he founded TGO Consulting a highly successful consulting boutique that works with the elite law firms and premier legal departments throughout the world. His achievements have been recognized in 2013 by the Financial Times with the first ever Innovative Lawyers Award for International Strategy. Jaap Bosman graduated from Law School with honours. Jaap also holds a degree from one of the world’s most prestigious design schools. This unique combination of legal knowledge and experience and applied creativity gives him the ability to come up with truly innovative solutions. He was the first non-US person to receive the Thomson Reuters and Hubbard One Excellence in Legal Marketing Award. His weekly ‘Your Friday Insight’ articles have built up a loyal global readership over the years. Jaap regularly contributes articles to Bloomberg, the ABA Journal, the ACC Docket and various other leading publications around the world. Jaap is a seasoned consultant and widely considered one of the worlds’ smartest thought leaders on the business of law. Read More speaking engagements Jaap Bosman is an experienced speaker at conferences and regularly facilitates discussions and workshops during partner retreats. His speaking topics include the economics of legal services, global strategy and business planning, pricing, the dynamics of a partner group and the impact of digital technology on the legal sector. Check availability

  • TGO centre for entrepreneurship | TGO Consulting

    Being an excellent lawyer does not automatically coincide with being a great entrepreneur Being an excellent lawyer does not automatically coincide with being a great entrepreneur. On the contrary, one could argue. TGO Consulting helps law firms to formulate a successful business strategy. However, even the most brilliant strategy will be ineffective when not properly and consistently executed. That is why the TGO Centre for Entrepreneurship has been set up. We have developed effective and to-the-point programs to educate and train lawyers in the different aspects and skills that combined create the tools and the attitude to become more entrepreneurial as a practicing lawyer. Our approach has proven to be highly effective. No fancy theories, no fancy exercises. Just the key things you need to know. Currently we offer the following modules: Leadership in entrepreneurship for managing partners and practice leaders Advanced entrepreneurship for partners The programs are preferably done in-house at a law firm, ​ ​ ​ Request our information package now

  • Innovation & Thought Leadership

    “TGO Consulting has the power to think out of the box” The world is awash with consultants that share wisdom from the past. Some of them even once had impressive careers as managing partners. Others have gathered wisdom without ever having been in 'the trenches'. We at TGO Consulting believe that the strategies that have worked well in the past are not necessary what is best for tomorrow. If you do what you did, you get what you've got. In order to navigate the future fresh, critical and independent thinking is needed. No recycling of old tricks and no parroting other people. We at TGO Consulting will always keep thinking out of the box. We have an unparalleled ability to innovate. Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter to learn more TGO Value Matrix© When doing the research for our second book ‘Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined’ we have had conversations with some of the world’s leading CEO’s, GC’s, MP’s and academics. It became apparent that there was no workable model to define what is ‘value’. That is why after a lot of thinking, testing and hard work, we have developed the TGO Value Matrix©. The Value Matrix shows that ‘value’ is defined by the Return On Investment for the client (to what extend the investment in legal fees contribute to bottom-line profit) and Commoditization (the number of experienced lawyers, qualified for the matter). The TGO Value Matrix© is validated by data and is a prime example of our unparalleled ability to innovate. ​ The concept of Creation – Production divide © At TGO Consulting we believe that it is vital to look beyond our assignments at hand. That is why we structurally dedicate time thinking about the legal industry. We noticed that the time spent by a lawyer has no relationship to value. Things that add tremendous value, do not necessarily take a lot of time. Things that take a lot of time do not necessarily add value. That is why we have developed the concept of Creation – Production divide©. This is again a great example of our thought leadership and our power to innovate. It will potentially change the very fundament of the business of law. Articles, round-tables and lectures Our founder, Jaap Bosman, is considered on of the world's thought leaders on the future of the legal profession. He is a regular contributor to the ABA Journal, Bloomberg, Law360 and other leading publications across the world. He is regularly invited to teach and give lectures on the business of law at both public and private events all around the world. ​ TGO Consulting regularly organizes round-tables, bringing together lawyers and clients. ​

  • Reputation Index | TGO Consulting

    TGO Consulting Reputation Index TGO Consulting has developed a unique method to visually show the reputation strength of the leading law firms in a country. The reputation is calculated on a mix of external data and TGO Consulting's own assessment. We employ a balanced scorecard that does not favor large size law firms of well known brands. A countries leading boutique firms are equally represented. Clients' feedback weights heavy in the method that we use. ​ ​

  • Succession Planning | TGO Consulting

    Succession planning Inevitably at some point partners have to leave the partnership. It takes time to prepare both the successor and the client for a smooth transition of the practice. We at TGO Consulting help our clients identifying talent in an early stage and help prepare to take over a practice. We equally assist the partner who is about to retire in how to gradually transfer the relationship. ​ As it comes to succession law firms tend to focus on client relations that need to be secured for the firm after the partner has left. Equally important however is the aspect of reputation in the market. It takes many years to be recognized as a leading individual in a certain practice area. A firm might well lose its market reputation once a prominent partner leaves. Strategic early stage planning is the only way to avoid this. ​ There is a natural tension between maintaining a strong personal performance and starting to transfer clients to younger partners at the right time. It may take several years to transfer a client but more than often a partner will wait until the last day. At TGO Consulting we offer retirement-related assistance. We know how strongly partners feel about their clients and we also recognize the pressure on performance while acknowledging the interests of the firm. We have successfully helped law firms to mitigate these effects, working with partners and clients in helping to secure the relationship for the future after the partner has left. We also have a wealth of experience on how to keep the experience and network of partners for the firm. ​ ​

  • Lateral hires & Mergers | TGO Consulting

    Lateral hires & law firm mergers Law firm can either grow organically or through lateral hires or merger. We at TGO Consulting help our clients in defining the best strategy making the right decisions. We know the opportunities and pitfalls associated with lateral hires [read our blog post ] and we know the gains an losses that comes with mergers. We help our clients with post hire/merger integration, immediately creating extra value for the firm. ​ We provide a service doing due-diligence on the book of business of the new partner(s). This service is extremely discrete and has proven to reduce the risk of a disappointing revenue later on. TGO Consulting will help you assess more accurately what clients and how much business the new team/partner will bring. ​ ​ ​ The legal market has become a global market. Clients have ventured all over the world and often they want their trusted law firm to follow. For decades law firms have been following their clients when they started doing business abroad. Some of these international offices have been profitable, but unfortunately the majority has not. Partners and lawyers on expat allowances turn out to be costly, while the opportunities to generate local business are limited. TGO Consulting assists law firms in remaining entrepreneurial, while avoiding the financial pitfalls at the same time. ​ There is a clear tendency towards consolidation in today's legal market. Substantial investments will be needed to keep up with technological evolution. These investments and the investment needed to attract talented lateral hires are in many cases beyond the scope of an individual law firm. In these situations a merger could make sense. TGO Consulting guides law firms through the perilous process of finding the right match, doing the due diligence, the process of decision making and the subsequent integration after the merger. ask more info

  • Death of a Law Firm | TGO Consulting

    "Some law firms might be only steps away from collapse and still they are totally unaware." published by the American Bar Association "Death of a Law Firm is full of important insights about major law firms today: their strengths, weaknesses, and eccentricities. The author knows this world in complete detail and pulls no punches in his analysis of critical business and organizational issues. This is a book not to be missed." - James R. Silkenat, former President of the American Bar Association ​ ​ ​ "Jaap presents precious and thought-provoking ideas in an engaging and entertaining style, giving valuable insight into how law firms operate and what threats they face. Though you may agree or disagree with his sometimes provocative and rebellious opinions, the book is surely an intriguing must-read for all lawyers who take themselves and their future seriously!" - Dr. Orsolya Görgényi, LL.M., former President of the AIJA ​ ​ ​ "Death of a Law Firm is a fascinating read that challenges the status quo and taps into our senses, showing how to increase your probabilities of success. Each chapter is a constant challenge to the traditional approach - providing many 'aha!' moments." - Vincent J. Cordo, Central Legal Operations Manger, Shell ​ ‘Nothing fails like success’. Business law firms have what is arguably one of the most profitable business models in existence. Profits have soared over the last decades and many partners make well over a million dollar a year. Even the 2008 financial crisis has not been able to change that. Lawyers can be forgiven for being convinced they are doing something right. ​ Death of a Law Firm , is a provoking book that carefully dissects the business model against the changes that are going on in the market. The book demonstrates that increasing commoditization, increasing partner mobility and the way partners work together and take decisions, create a toxic mix that might become lethal. The combination of hard core economics and behavioural insights that make this book unique and powerful. A must read, not only for partners wishing to steer their firm clear of the abyss, but also for anyone working in the business of law, including associates and staff, or even for law students aspiring a career. To buy a copy please go to ABA bookshop or to To find out more about the book, please visit . ​ ​ The book has been translated into Chinese and published in 2017 by Law Press China: 中法图正版 律所再造:律所革命的宣言书 The Chinese edition is available here .

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